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SMS Power! 17th Anniversary Competition entries
Post Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:04 pm
Wow, we've turned 17 years old ! (*).
As with every year, Sega 8-bits enthusiast gathered to compete in our Coding & Music competitions, and we've got an interesting line up to share with you. Please check them out and vote!


Coding Competition 2014 - Entries

2048 by Grz-
2048 by Sanqui
BOoM by vingazole, ichigobankai, furrtek
Bruce Lee by Kagesan
Colossal Cave Adventure SAM Edition by haroldoop
Minesweeper by efry
Porkopolis by dragonfeet
PSGlib demo by sverx

P.S.: BOoM requires a custom 4-player multi-tap adapter to be built for the game and therefore is unlikely to be playable. Emulators may add support for this custom hardware in the future. Rate as you feel!

Music Competition 2014 - Entries

Individual Bullet Patterns by tibone
Metro-Cross by doommaster1994
PSG Tune ! by TmEE

* we are almost legal, apart from all those ROM dumps.
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Post Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:56 am
Really cool stuff guys, I love all these new games.

I am surprised by the team of BOoM. Vingazole and ichigo working together with furrtek, that can only be good =)
Bruce Lee has beautiful graphics, great work Kagesan!
And it makes me happy to see dragonfeet here with a new game^^
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