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View topic - Operation Taiwan! (Late) Releases Part 5

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Operation Taiwan! (Late) Releases Part 5
Post Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:51 pm
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Today we resume our holidays operations with a first batch of unusual Taiwanese releases. Back in the mid eighties days in Taiwan, there was an interest to convert MSX software to the Sega systems, much like they did in Korea. However while in Korea the only Sega 8-bit system was the Master System (Gam*Boy) line-up of hardware, boasting 8 KB of RAM, in Taiwan the dominant system was the Aaronix SG-1000 II which has only 1 KB. Some MSX1 software would get away with only 1 KB but not all of them.

A certain series of Cartridges released by DahJee and Jumbo took advantage of a RAM extension adapter that they built to solve this specific issue. Therefore we've got here the first dumps of cartridges that requires a specific adapter to function.

Two types of adapters exists and one of them maps the extra memory in the 0xC000-0xFFFF address range which is compatible with the Master System. In other words, the dumps using this technique would work as in on a Master System. The other adapter type increase the memory in the 0x2000-0x3FFF address range and cannot work without the adapter - and they require support from emulators.

Read more about the DahJee / Jumbo adapters.

A first batch of games:

Bomberman Special for the SG-1000. The purple cartridge is the DahJee version which requires the extra RAM. It has a DahJee bumper screen and a title screen in the Chinese. The green cartridge has a title screen in English and works without the extra memory.

The Castle [MSX Port] for the SG-1000. So this is an unlicensed port from the MSX to the SG-1000 which isn't the official port Sega released. The audio appears to be a bit dodgy but it doesn't have the small graphics glitches when pushing objects. The Castle is a truly excellent exploration game with some of the best puzzles you'd find on the system.

Knightmare for the SG-1000. Classic Konami vertical scrolling shooter.

And The Legend of Kage for the SG-1000.

Finally we've got the European dump for Zool - Ninja of the Nth Dimension for Game Gear, previously unavailable. The Japanese dump was the only one available for a long time, and an US dump has been released fairly recently (not sure from where - but it matches my own dump, and I have included on the page because it isn't too common).
img_0180_155.jpg (67.64 KB)
img_0815_551.jpg (56.79 KB)
IMG_0751-small.jpg (61.3 KB)
Bomberman Special.jpg (55.06 KB)
Bomberman Special.jpg
Legend of Kage.jpg (64.02 KB)
Legend of Kage.jpg
The Castle.jpg (83.34 KB)
The Castle.jpg
Knightmare.jpg (78.63 KB)

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Temporary Transitional Attachment Fairy
Post Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:53 pm
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Post Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 6:45 pm
Really really appreciate these releases! Thanks a lot for sharing! :-)
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