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[VGM pack] Street Fighter II'
Post Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:37 pm
Version 1.01: Old package repacked.

Pack's page:
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Post Posted: Fri May 15, 2015 10:11 am
Updated with missing tracks.

The two tracks, Game Over (Stage End in the original) and Staff Roll (Ryu's Ending in the original) are not available via soundtest. Despite being released 6 years after the original, the translation is poor. Themes are recognizable, but barely reminiscent of the originals. Maybe there were challenges localizing it the music properly in Brazil.

The game seems to be buggy. There seems to be little difference in the damage done by each attack. I think there is a major life point and minor life point counter. Either that or some attacks don't do damage and only certain moves can deliver a KO. Total life points are 0x0B. Moves are adequately replicated, but everything, music, movement, seems stilted compared to other versions, despite 5 years.

I redid the tags. Only two composers are credited in game:
Tadashi Joukagi; Setsuo Yamamoto
But almost all these are composed by Yoko Shimomura. It originally bothered me that her name wasn't part of the credits. I've read some interviews with her, where she specifically mentions her background in the SF II franchise. I specifically remmeber her mentioning that these themes were meant to be caricatures of music of the characters' countries as "imagined to be" rather than a faithful reproduction. I also remember her detailing how she came up with the final details to blanka's theme. It was interesting, as she came across as an office lady. I always find it surprising how many composers are barely aware of their impact on other regions.

She became a composer on pure guts. A professor told her not to bother trying as she would be wasting her time, but she took the plunge and has gone on to become one of the most prolific female vgm composers of all time, with a good deal of accolade. In my opinion well deserved. Unfortunately this game does the original poor justice.

Five of the eight original characters and 3 of the 4 original bosses are available from the start. Gameplay leaves alot to be desired. Dhalsim, Zangief, and E. Honda are omitted. So is Vega, but Dhalsim and Vega have their music represented.

Other Notes on the release:
I changed the order to match the game as well as tags. The original album, on which the tags were originally based, preserved the japanese naming. The bosses' names were changed by cycle, so M. Bison (Mike Bison) became Balrog, Balrog became Vega (theme present but not used in this game) and Vega became M. Bison. The names in this game match the changes made to regions outside japan.
Sagat's name is unchanged (Isao Abe composed his theme and Versus, later on T-Hawk and DeeJay). Versus and Game Over are scarcely recognizable with the original.

Where no original composer was known Alph Lyla was listed. Originally the tags said Alph Lyra, which is the same thing in japanese, but I changed it to match what I found online. The tracks do not seem to have japanese titles. Even japanese sources list English titles, similarly to streets of rage. I used the characters' names in hiragana/katakana though some have names in kanji. I had the titles and japanese tags match the game names rather than match what they are known by in japan. So Balrog is not マイク・バイソン. Not sure if that was the right call, but things are confusing enough with themes being used differently than original and names being switched.

The sound test is strange. there are 15 tracks total, but 16 entries in the sound test- three are repeated (blanka, ryu, ken). To have a fully accessible sound test, change the values starting at 006B4 to go up chronologically starting at 0x01 and ending at 0x10. For some strange reason, the first music id is 0x02. 0x01 is silence. So if you edit the values as listed, you will have Music 00 be silence and 15 be the Staff Roll. That way all id's are used and there is no waste or repetition. This only affects the sound test, so no fear of negatively affecting the rest of the game. Not sure why this was done the way it was. Two tracks not available in game (Vega and Dhalsim's themes) are available via sound test, but two in game tracks are not....

Also the sound test includes the countdown (numbers) but excludes the character names and the more interesting voices. The voices are clear. It might be worth hacking to obtain them someday.

updated to 1.10
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