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The SEGA (of America) Game Archive
Post Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:12 pm

In a small unassuming area in the product development department is a room that contains some very special SEGA history. In this room is the SEGA archive and contains just about every game that’s come out on a SEGA console in the past and present, as well as a ton of extremely rare or strange peripherals. We stumbled upon the room when we were taking photos of the department post-move and made a point to come back for pictures so everyone can see all there is to see.

Four Shelves of pure fun

We asked around about how the room came together and couldn’t get a straight answer. Some had said our old legal department had run the archive and given it up to someone else to manage. Others said that the legal archive still exists in another room in the office, and this was pulled together over time from producers and product managers. We don’t know the exact how or why, but we love that it exists and immediately accessible.

The shelves are packed with games from all the great consoles of SEGA past, as well as games from competitor consoles. Each shelf is a bit deceptive in the photos, as they are all double packed with games behind games. While walking through the room, everyone had a game they found on the shelf that had a fond memory. There are too many games for me to pull up one that really made me smile among the whole group, I found myself more interested in the peripherals that I never had a chance to play with.

Most of the games aren’t even shelved and appear stacked from floor to ceiling. Most of the larger peripherals are also along the walls. I geeked out a bit here and was pulling up the Twin Sticks for SEGA Saturn, I always wanted to play VirtuaOn the way it was meant to be played.

In the middle are larger metal drawers, which I had thought would contain file folders and paper work. Instead, they are pretty much filled to the brim with odds and ends. One drawer opened to reveal a ton of Genesis control pads in plastic bags, there must have been at least fifty or sixty. Other drawers have spindles of old sega silvers (final games playable games on regular CD/DVDs) and another with a ton of cables.

Currently the room is being used for storage and archive reasons, but I’m told the goal is to create a place where anyone can rent these games for personal use! Think of it as a movie rental space, with a full check out system, and full access… we all cannot wait. Once the room is up and we can actually rent from it, then we’ll be sure to get our hands dirty with some classic adventures. Until then, enjoy the rest of the photos on our Flickr page in full high res!

SMS-related ones attached. There's not much, but plenty to get excited about if you like Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast.
2742924274_fbdf581ea1_b.jpg (356.38 KB)
Light Phaser
2742088809_5d6daefd93_o.jpg (1.44 MB)
2742925220_3d183e059d_o.jpg (1.29 MB)
Not many SMS games...
2742925554_7016200a87_o.jpg (1.26 MB)
I see an SMS2 and a light phaser

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