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315-5246 and 315-5330 pinouts
Post Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 5:54 am
Last edited by Charles MacDonald on Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:08 am; edited 2 times in total
Here's a mostly complete 315-5246 pinout. This is heavily based on information asynchronous and Marty had posted before (thanks!), with a few additions from myself:

Edit: Made some additions on 10/24/2013 now that we have the SMS 2 Service Manual.

                 Z80 D0 |01 b o 64| Z80 /INT
                 Z80 D1 |02 b i 63| Z80 A7
                 Z80 D2 |03 b i 62| Z80 A6
                 Z80 D3 |04 b i 61| Z80 A0
                 Z80 D4 |05 b i 60| Z80 /IORQ
                 Z80 D5 |06 b i 59| Z80 /WR
                 Z80 D6 |07 b i 58| Z80 /RD
                 Z80 D7 |08 b i 57| PAL//NTSC
                 /KBSEL |09 o b 56| VRAM AD15
                 /CSRAM |10 o b 55| VRAM AD14
                  /EXM1 |11 o b 54| VRAM AD13
                  /EXM2 |12 o b 53| VRAM AD12
                Z80 A14 |13 i b 52| VRAM AD11
                     TI |14 i b 51| VRAM AD10
                  AUDIO |15 o b 50| VRAM AD9
                     TO |16 o b 49| VRAM AD8
                    GND |17 s b 48| VRAM AD7
                    +5V |18 s b 47| VRAM AD6
                Z80 A15 |19 i b 46| VRAM AD5
              Z80 /MREQ |20 i b 45| VRAM AD4
               Z80 /NMI |21 o b 44| VRAM AD3
                /NMI-IN |22 i b 43| VRAM AD2
               Z80 /RST |23 i b 42| VRAM AD1
                   /H-L |24 i b 41| VRAM AD0
                   /CBT |25 o s 40| +5V
                 HI-OUT |26 i o 39| VRAM /CE
                R-VIDEO |27 o o 38| VRAM /OE
                G-VIDEO |28 o o 37| VRAM /WE0
                B-VIDEO |29 o o 36| VRAM /WE1
                /C-SYNC |30 o i 35| XIN
                    /YS |31 o o 34| XOUT
                    GND |32 s o 33| Z80 /CLK 

/YS goes low for transparent pixels, high for opaque pixels. If the border color is zero, it goes low during the border areas too, colors $01-$0F are treated as opaque.

/CBT goes low during the front porch for 2.607 uS for what I assume is the color burst. This would allow 9.3 cycles of a 3.58 MHz clock to be inserted into the video output by external hardware.

XIN can be connected to a TTL oscillator (leave XOUT open) or a crystal.

/H-L latches the H counter on a high to low transition. The H counter remains latched until the next high to low transition. Normally the I/O chip drives this pin.

HI-OUT affects the RGB output levels. I don't think it's actually a reference signal as all consoles have it grounded and the MegaPlay arcade board has it set to +5V, but just another input you tie high or low. In a console, if it's pulled high all colors are heavily saturated towards white.

TO is a test pin output. It is usually left open or connected to ground through a capacitor in the 270pF range.

TI is a test pin input. It is always grounded.

Configurations that I know of:

Mega Play
Pin 14 (TI) = Ground
Pin 16 (TO) = Open
Pin 26 (HI-OUT) = +5V

Pin 14 (TI) = Ground
Pin 16 (TO) = Open
Pin 26 (HI-OUT) = Ground

PAL SMS 2 (thanks NFG)
Pin 14 (TI) = Ground
Pin 16 (TO) = Through capacitor C25 to ground
Pin 26 (HI-OUT) = Ground

And here's the 315-5330 pinout:

                    GND |01 s s 42| +5V
              VRAM AD15 |02 i o 41| SRAM /WE
              VRAM AD14 |03 i o 40| SRAM A12
              VRAM AD13 |04 i o 39| SRAM A13
              VRAM AD12 |05 i o 38| SRAM A8
              VRAM AD11 |06 i o 37| SRAM A9
              VRAM AD10 |07 i o 36| SRAM A11
               VRAM AD9 |08 i o 35| SRAM /OE
               VRAM AD8 |09 i o 34| SRAM A10
               VRAM AD7 |10 i o 33| SRAM D7
                    GND |11 s s 32| GND
               VRAM AD6 |12 i i 31| VRAM AD1
               VRAM AD5 |13 i o 30| SRAM D6
               VRAM AD4 |14 i i 29| VRAM AD0
               VRAM AD3 |15 i o 28| SRAM D5
               VRAM AD2 |16 i o 27| SRAM D0
               VRAM /CE |17 i o 26| SRAM D4
               VRAM /OE |18 i o 25| SRAM D1
              VRAM /WE0 |19 i o 24| SRAM D3
              VRAM /WE1 |20 i o 23| SRAM D2
                    +5V |21 s s 22| GND

This is found in some consoles, it interfaces a single SRAM to the VDP instead of two PSRAMs. Funny thing is, I don't see how it could work as it doesn't hold the address on SRAM A7-A0, those are directly connected to VRAM AD7-AD0.

SRAM connections:

A15 = GND (only first 16K of 32K available)
SRAM D0-D7 from 315-5330
SRAM A13-A8 from 315-5330
SRAM A7-A0 from 315-5246 AD0-AD7
SRAM /CE from 315-5246 VRAM /CE
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315-5246 and 315-5330 pinouts
Post Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 4:19 pm
Nice work as usual Charles. “You are great” – Cloud Master

Going by track thickness I’d say that pin 17 is Vss. I initially thought that pin 16 may be an audio signal ground and likewise pin 26 to be an RGB signal ground.

From my own electronic draft notes my PAL SMS2 has
Pin 14 = N.C,
Pin 16 = ground,
Pin 26 = ground.

I may have to double-check pin 14 - it may be connected to ground through a capacitor which would be an open circuit in a continuity test. The VDP page of my SMS2 schematics that I drew up in 2001 has gone missing (mild panic!) so I’ll have to open the console up to check at some point.

Some integrated circuits with analog sections have pins which allow a capacitor to be externally connected for signal filtering, e.g. a low pass filter to filter out any high frequency noise introduced from digital sections, but I’m not sure if this is the case here. Hmmm…

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