Alex Kidd in Miracle World [BIOS]

SMS/KR - Released on the 2007/06/10 - [77 kb]
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Samsung Gam*Boy/Aladdin Boy II BIOS Image
Product Number: N/A
CRC32: 9c5bad91 / MekaCRC: 1CBCFDC2F498BB22
Korean version of Alex Kidd in Miracle World, included in the local version of Sega Master System II.
Note: due to its BIOS nature, requires patching to play with some emulators.
A patch for MEKA can be downloaded here (right-click save meka.pat file in MEKA directory).
Else, overwrite 3 bytes from 0x1FA13 with zeros.
For the sake of human species' survival, please avoid distributing patched ROM images.

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