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The multi-load computer versions of this Epyx multi-event game are so old that they were released before TGM's time. Four events from around the world can be practised or competed in by up to four players, starting with barrel jumping in Germany. The barrels are laid out on an ice rink and a bad landing is paid for by a chilly dip through the ice or a bruise on the bottom. In Canada, you're one of two lumberjacks in the log rolling event, where you have to attempt to make him fall off while retaining your own balance. South to America for bull-riding, where naturally you try to start on the bucking beast, while in Scotland you must toss a caber in as energetic a manner as possible (ahem!).

Graphics are of a very high standard, backgrounds colourful and packed with detail. Sprites are better still, very well drawn and animated — quite cartoon-like and with humourous touches when an event goes wrong.

To get the negative points over with, World Games is the worst of the famous Games series, other than the highly derivative The Games: Summer Edition and Winter Edition, and it originally had six events — Sega owners miss out on weightlifting and Sumo wrestling. Nevertheless, the events are fun and playable, particularly when competing against friends, and there are a friendly selection of options. Despite it's (mere?) four events, Sega World Game is an unusual and value-for-money sporting product.


Machine rating: 80%

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