Out now from Sega, £29.99

The more macho types in the ZERO office refused to have anything to do with Wonderboy In Monsterworld when it appeared on the Mega Drive, because it was reputedly "a bit girly". Then they sneaked into the reviewing cupboard and had a go on it when they thought that nobody was around, and were completely hooked. Now a Wonderboy game has been made for the Game Gear.

Don't know anything about Wonderboy? Never seen any of his games? Wondering what the hell I'm talking about? Tough titties. You think we're going to waste our time telling you what a game's about? (Yes. Ed.) Oh, alright - it's heartbreakingly cute, absolutely fab, stonkingly enormous and impossible to summarise in a way that will do it justice. (Cheat. Ed.) So it may be a little bit girly, but it's still a brilliant example of arcade adventuring. The levels just go on and on, it's easy a to get into, impossible to stop playing and the Game Gear graphics are among the nicest I've seen. What more do you need to know? We've only got 200 words to tell you about it, and you've got the attention-span of an educationally-subnormal marmoset.

Buy it. It's cool to be girly.


Zero magazine

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