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Go for your gun, punk! Your Sega lightgun, that is, because Wanted is one of the rare and wonderful games that uses the lethal-looking peripheral. In this one you're the new sheriff of a Wild West town and so must clear it of alI the bad people who venture into it. The sprite moves slowly to the right, the screen scrolling to keep up with him, and the gun is used to shoot any enemies that step in front of pop up in windows. Speed is the key, as their bullets eat away at life energy.

A big stumbling block with Wanted is its difficulty. As you frantically try to pump the bad guys full of lead they casually take shots at you and use up your energy with worrying speed. Getting more than two screens into the game takes a lot of doing and just taking potshots at pop-up targets isn't really interesting enough for you to want to practice that much. If you've already got a lightgun then by all means give this a go but don't make it your reason for buying one.

Warren Lapworth

Machine rating 67%

The Games Machine magazine

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