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Reviews: Wanted - review by CVG magazine

Hooo-weee. There's trouble in them thar hills. Some good-fer-nuthin' low-down skunks have been a-stirrin' up trouble and a-whoopin' it up in downtown Tombstone, terrifying the population and a-stealin' and a-pillagin'.

The low-down tin-horn sheriff has turned chicken and run away, and you're the town's only hope. Anyway, there's a reward if you succeed in ridding the town of the evil critturs. So shove your Light Phaser into your holster and get ready to ride into town...

At first the town seems empty, but villains are soon leaning out of windows, popping up from behind barrels and out of doorways with their guns brandished. Even worse than this, some of them just idle along the street looking innocent, and then suddenly pull a gun on you!

Fortunately your Light Phaser has an unlimited supply of light lead, and you can go in with your gun blazing. And you certainly have to, because there's a whole army of baddies, and their shots drain your energy meter alarmingly if they're not dealt with swiftly.

And if that isn't enough, there are also innocent bystanders to watch out for - blasting those results in more energy reduction. You've got your work cut out for sure.

If you survive the first level stroll through town, you meet a gang chief in a showdown. Fill him full of lead before he does for you.

After that it's a horse ride through the desert, with baddies riding past. Blast 'em or you're dead.

The action continues in a similar vein, with levels getting tougher and tougher. You've certainly got to be quick on the draw if you're going to survive.

If you're a Light Phaser owner, Wanted is highly recommended - it's an enjoyable game, and is challenging enough to keep you playing for weeks. But I wouldn't go out and buy a Light Phaser just for it.


Sega £24.95


An enjoyable Operation Wolf style game with cowboys instead of soldiers. If you've got a Light Phaser, this one's for you.

CVG magazine

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