Here are some of the things you'll need if you're going to get anywhere in this world. Most can be bought, others are gained by biffin' some poor unfortunate (it's a hard life, but someone's got to do it!).

Whacking gert axe that'll chop your enemies into chunks.
Nice on this. Cast this spell and your party get teleported to another location.
Considerably more powerful than a bow.
Bring any member of your party back to health. Alternative medicine isn't a patch on this!
Warm up your enemies with this little party piece.
Conjue up a wall of fire.
You're a cool dude and this is the spell to prove it.
It's the ultimate in spell casting - the smart bomb of spells.
Strike your enemies down if they get too near to you!
Dent your opponents' skulls with this memory-jogger.
If you don't have a door-key, this is the next best thing.
A canister of CN2 comes in handy occasionally...
Sends your enemies off to sleep faster than the Queen's Christmas speech.
This is absolutely the best weapon available.

Sega /£39.99 /Sega

Roll playing? Sounds like a pretty stupid idea to me. Well I ask you. what can you possibly do with a piece of bread stuffed with various fillings? I tried having fun with a ham roll, but soon grew tired of the whole affair (have you ever tried playing cards with a bread roll?). Then I tried rolling it around the floor, but the lettuce merely got covered in carpet hairs. Naturally I gave up this roll playing lark as a bad game.

Hang on a minute, there's got to be more to it than this. After all, there's not even a bread roll included within the package (or a luncheon voucher for that matter). Seriously though, role-playing games can be a lot of fun. Honest. If you've ever played any of the role-playing classics such as Dungeons & Dragons you'll know how absorbing they can be. Not only that, they can make you more attractive to the opposite sex, increase your sexual prowess and make you an all-round popular person (that's what my role-playing friend tells me anyway).

Ultima IV has deservedly earned itself a good reputation on other machines. The name of the game is adventuring. Your role in life is simple - roam around the land of Britannia mugging anyone who looks at you in a funny way while collecting as much dosh as your pockets can hold. You start the game with a sling-shot as a weapon. As you progress, you can gain extra weaponry and armour through fair means or foul (ie, you buy it or nick it). To enhance your mugging potential further, you can gain experience in magic and impress your foes with a fancy bit of jiggery-pokery (card tricks don't help!).

As your travels continue, you can build up a party of fellow adventurers; all of whom will help you achieve your goal. Having others around comes in handy as they'll help you carry your loot if the weight of all the gold coins becomes unbearable.

The whole point about role-playing games is their immense depth. There isn't any set way of completing or even playing the game - it's entirely up to you to decide your plan of campaign. If you want to roam around duffing in peasants, then that's fine. If you want to be more gentle, earning cash by more legal means, then that's fine. Whatever you do, it's up to you. And that's fine too.

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