Tom and Jerry race onto the small screen in search of buried treasure. But how does it compare to the MS version? Read on! It may come out tops by a cat’s whisker!

Tom and Jerry have been arch rivals for donkeys’ years. With that in mind, Sega have produced a race ‘n’ seek game based around them.

While rooting through the attic one day, Tom found a treasure map. Eager to get his paws on the loot, our feline friend set about locating the ‘X’ on the map. Determined not to be left out, wee Jerry snatched the grimy bit of paper and scuttled off into the sunset.

You play Tom in this horizontally-scrolling affair and race, leap and use all your feline cunning to capture the likkle rascal. You have four energy hearts and seven continues. If you find a jar lying around, grab it, ‘cos there’s extra life force to be had.

Tom can look up, duck down, climb platforms and perform either a short or long leap (longer leaps are more dangerous, you may end up getting hurt!).

Loads of tricks and traps are laid on to stop you nabbing Jez. In the house (Level 1), you dodge brooms, footballs and falling lampshades.

On Level 2, Night Town, negotiate your way past shops and restaurants while dodging cola cans. Try your luck on the ship, the deserted island and in the labyrinth. Cannons, gargoyles, bats, exploding mushrooms... you name ‘em, this game’s got ‘em!

If you get too close to Jerry, he lays a mine or drops a bomb. If Tom walks into the path of an explosion, the poor pussy’s burnt to a crisp! Meow!

If you don’t grab Jerry before the level’s end, you encounter a nasty little beasty. On the first level it’s a bulldog, Level 2 sees you at the mercy of a crab’s pincers. Later there’s a snake lobbing skulls!

Catch Jerry and you enter a bonus maze, where you collect hearts and chase Jerry within a time limit. In another bonus, Jerry drops apples for Tom to catch. Beware, Jerry’s a crafty creature and drops bombs, too. If you nab Jez in the maze or catch all the apples, you gain energy. Not that you really need it...


The MS version of Tom and Jerry was a fairly good game but didn’t capture the essence of the cartoons. The Game Gear version has a better feel, with more colourful sprites, backdrops and jaunty soundtracks.

On my first attempt I was heard to shout, ‘What a good-looking game!’ It’s nicely presented, with good title and map screens. The sprites are huge for the GG and move beautifully— this version’s slightly faster than the MS game.

The concept’s pretty simple but works well and the bonus games are a nice inclusion.

Time for a ‘but’ — and it’s a bloody big BUT — it’s just too bloomin’ easy! Even if you don’t catch Jerry, reaching the end of a level’s no mean feat. What a terrible shame!

Sega have a good licence, a stunning product both visually and sonically, but lastability’s almost zilcho. My overall rating’s for the graphics and gameplay. If GG Tom and Jerry was tougher, with a few extra levels, I’d give this a Smash.

ADE 47%

Paul howls... ‘A LET DOWN!’

Wow! Handheld Tom and Jerry! Miniature mayhem with a moggy, a mouse and a ridiculously large number of continues! I’m afraid to say that possibly one of the best GG releases to date has been spoilt by the inclusion of too many continues and the exclusion of any kind of challenge.

The graphics and sound are without doubt the best I’ve seen on the GG. Cartoon-quality animation and chirpy, jaunty tunes help make Tom and Jerry great fun to play.

But with just five levels of simplistic platform action, Tom and Jerry’s as difficult to complete as a three-piece jigsaw. I played it twice and completed It the second time round. The ending’s very good but it only took me ten minutes to reach it!

If you’re a young or inexperienced gamesplayer, you’ll find Tom and Jerry quite enjoyable, otherwise it’s a let-down. The best thing Sega can do Is add ten levels and make the gameplay more interesting.

PAUL 50%

SF Rating

60 - Nice title screen, Intro sequence, map screen, seven continues
81 - Smart character representations, cartoony backdrops, nice animation
70 - Good title tune, cartoon ditties add sense of occasion. Some good sound FX
60 - Easy to control, lots of moves. Some levels are reliant on luck
23 - Only recommended to first-timers. Paul and Ade completed it really quickly


A good-looking game marred by meagre lastability. A real shame

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