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Reviews: Time Soldiers - review by The Games Machine magazine

Forwards and backwards to the past


Sega/SNK £24.95 cartridge

Based on the successful SNK coin-op, we're very firmly in Ikari Warriors territory with the action spanning six time zones. The soldiers, Yohan and Ben (who makes up these names?) hop into a time tunnel and spin back and forth through time searching for their mates in the primitive era, ancient Rome, medieval Japan, World War II and Future World. When the D-Scanner locates a trapped warrior the Time Soldiers need to fight the way through to the era's big boss and kill him in order to rescue their comrade.

Soldiers, guardians and other foes particular to each era give the Time Soldiers an excuse for maximum possible use of all weapons to hand. Power-ups, speed-ups and extra weapons can be picked — essential to kill the bigger Boss opponents.

Unshamedly cashing in on the Ikari Warriors and Secret Command type of game, Time Soldiers is a little different with its time travel concept providing variety in both graphics and gameplay. Shockingly unoriginal but still a relatively unexploited idea on the Sega, Time Soldiers works especially well as a two player blast. Two continue-players per Time Soldier are a welcome bonus as well.

The game follows the Sega trend with a twee tune and the now standard Sega flicker throwing in its two-penny-worth. Variety is a common factor throughout each level with plenty to see, some visually impressive time zone bosses and a difficulty level set just about right.

TGM rating 78%

The Games Machine magazine

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