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Time Soldiers
Duncan Evans

Virgin Mastertronic

Telephone: 01-727 8070.

Good news for Sega fans is that Virgin Mastertronic, the company responsible for U.K. marketing, has unleased a plethora of games on to the market. In this first article we look at Golvellius, Altered Beast and Time Soldiers.

Time Soldiers was much more to our liking. It is all about shooting your way through the various ages of time while hunting for your trapped comrades in the war against someone unpleasant. It is Commando time, with vertically-scrolling shooting action, loads of enemies, all tailored to the particular age, throwing all sorts at you.

You half disappear in the bushes and slow down; you are armed with a pea-shooting bazooka and can pick up extra weapons along the way.

Just nail that alligator or prehistoric man and a rocket launcher appears; or a three-way gun or plasma weapon. It just shows those primitives were more advanced than you think.

There are plenty of time zones and on some of them the action switches so that you are scrolling horizontally.

At the end of each level there is a particularly nasty guardian - particularly large as well.

Great graphics, plenty of inventive touches, tough gamepley and satisfying amounts of violence.

Time Soldiers was certainly my pick of this bunch.

Popular Computing Weekly magazine

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