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One or two players choose their character by assessing their technique, power and speed. A tournament is chosen from around the world before the match commences.

On the court, a side view of the serving player is given, a well-timed button press hitting the ball over the net. The game then switches to a bird's eye view, the entire court fitting across the screen's width. Gameplay's the same as the real thing — run up to the ball and hit the ball.

A distant player hits a tennis ball out of the screen and into the title for a nice game intro. The character portraits are pleasant but the map of the world is grotty. In-game graphics are very pleasing to the eye, the serving sprite big and well designed, court lushly green and sprites small yet neat and representative.

Although it's very simple to play, Tennis Ace is also great fun. There's no sophistication but it has the general feel of tennis and is satisfying when you win. It can quite easily become tiring competing against the console players but a two player extends the fun of the game. Sega-owning tennis fans won't have any worries with this purchase.


Machine update 76%

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