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Reviews: Teddy Boy / Teddy Boy Blues (テディーボーイ・ブルース) - review by S: The Sega Magazine


This is more like it: the Teddy Boy, armed with nothing more than a savage DA haircut and blue suede shoes, out to do a bit of rock 'n' roll damage... er... oh. No it isn't. This Teddy Boy is cute, wears a cap and blue dungarees, and probably gets beaten up at school.

Teddy has been transported into a weird world of infinite mazes, populated by a menagerie of seven different monsters, all of whom are after his blood (maybe things are looking up a bit, then).

The maze beasties reside inside dice - the number of dots indicating the number of creatures scrunched inside - but as soon as TB appears, they all come bouncing out. The only way out of each landscape, is to bump off all the creatures that come leaping, flying and crawling out of their spotted homes.

Luckily, Ted boasts a Microgun - no, not a titchy Magnum - this sucker shrinks any creature its bullets touch, reducing them to Eyeball bugs which bounce around the maze. The only way to get rid of these is to physically touch them. Otherwise they sit around for a while and then leap down to take bite-size chunks out of Teddy's timer bar; literally eating up the time left that he has to finish that level.

There are... um, lots of mazes to work through, interspersed with short bonus rounds where you can rack up a high score.

And if all that sounds too easy, Ted can't stand around for too long in one spot, because the floor disappears. Life's like that!

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Teddy Boy goes blasting...

Watch out! That platform's about to crumble!


It's quite possible that this is the simplest Sega game you can get, with straightforward no-frills shoot-cum-puzzle action. But then, some of the best things are the simplest - and Teddy Boy is certainly good for a laugh.

The unusual gameplay is quite appealing, although you might not think so at first. Each level offers a completely new maze, and you have to suss out a different way of completing it. If you stand there blasting, you'll just fall through the platform, and probably get wasted!

The screen scrolls smoothly and it's really confusing the way the screen wraps (whatever scrolls off the top comes back on at the bottom and vice versa!). All the mazes are bright and colourful, and the characters are cutesy and cuddly - even the sluggies and snailies (makes you wanna puke dunnit?).

The music is suitably bouncy, though you couldn't describe it as 'Wild' like they do on the box! A few whizzy arcade spot effects completes the sound line-up.

Teddy Boy is a strange little game, but it's fun and quite a challenge. Check it out...


So simple, even the cat could play it. And he'd enjoy it, too.

S: The Sega Magazine

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