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Reviews: Taz-Mania (The Search for the Lost Seabirds) - review by Sega Force magazine

Zooming around Oceania like Wonder Woman with a hormone problem, Taz has been shrunk to more manageable proportions — but he’s still a handful!

At the bottom of the world is a tiny island near Australia. This is Tasmania, home to a race of large, furry, hungry creatures known as Tasmanian Devils. The biggest, ugliest Devil by far is Taz, always on the lookout for a good meal.

There’s an ancient Tasmanian legend. It tells of a race of giant seabirds who once ruled the island. Once believed extinct, there are rumours that the giant birds still live deep in the jungle, hidden from prying eyes.

Always on the look out for a good time and a spot of adventuring, Taz sets off in search of the fabled seabirds and the giant eggs they might have. Eggs size could be a feast even for a hungry devil like Taz! After all, ya gotta keep him full of vitamins and minerals! (Sounds like a Winalot commercial!).

In this fast and furry-ious platform game, you control the cartoony Taz himself. Steer him through five levels of action and adventure to reach the seabirds’ lair. Along the way you have to overcome various obstacles and enemies. It’s fast, fun and now it’s portable!

Paul says... ‘FAN-TAZ-TIC!’

I’m not going to beat around the bush (little Aussie joke, there!): this is good. The graphics are stunning and the sonics are great. Admittedly, it’s a straight copy of the MS game reviewed this ish, so it suffers the same faults, but there are so many ways they could’ve made a balls-up of it. Instead, it’s a miniature masterpiece! A joy to behold!

Taz whizzes along at great pace, spinning, jumping, and of course, scoffing! Even the most ardent sceptic of handheld machines would be hard-pressed to knock the graphics and gameplay.

However, it’s easy to complete once you get used to the controls and at top speed it’s a bit heavy going on the eyes.

It’s about time the GG had a good quality horizontally-scrolling romp to do it proud — and it’s arrived. More could’ve been made of the MS version but as a handheld game this is nearly perfect.

PAUL 87%

Mat cries... ‘GREAT MOVES!’

One of the first games I played when I first arrived at Game Freak Alley was Taz-Manla on the MD. I was blown away by the amazing, colourful graphics and superb gameplay.

This version’s virtually the same as the MS (except for a few tweaks here and there!). The five levels are quite long, each divided into two sections. Complete these and you have to defeat a guardian to get onto the next level.

This might not be as exciting as, say, Sonic on the GG, but it’s fun anyway! The sprites are big enough for you to see what’s going on and Taz has some great moves. Watch as he kicks Items out of the way in a temper fit!

Unlike the MD version, you can’t spin all the time. There’s a meter In the top left-hand corner that shows how much spin power’s being used. The longer you use it, the more you drain it. Simple, eh?!

The only problem I have is the same as I had with the MS version: I finished both flickin’ games in one sitting! The levels aren’t that easy, but once you’ve done ‘em a few times they’re no challenge.

MAT 82%

SF Rating

78% - Nice explanatory opening sequence but colourful piccies would’ve helped
89% - Great graphics, smooth movement and fast gameplay
80% - As good as those on the MS version. Cartoony tune and sound FX
88% - Dead easy to get into, Taz Is easily controlled and has some good moves
74% - If you’re a reasonably good qamesplayer this won’t keep you occupied for long


A good conversion but should’ve been made tougher

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 12

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