Vast, lumbering machines are commonplace in Game Freak Alley. Mat barges his way to work in an Abrams battletank, Ade drives a JCB earthmover, Paul trucks along in a 16-wheel HGV... Warren perches on a sit ‘n’ drive lawnmower!

It’s time to take control of an absolute MONSTER! You may have seen those massive vehicles on American TV and wondered what it’s like too drive a huge truck. Now’s your chance!

Super Off Road puts you behind the wheel of a ‘Bigfoot’-type truck as you race around a tricky course packed with pits, ramps and manic drivers out to stop you at any cost! Steer around course after course, avoiding obstacles as you go.

Along the way, pick up as much cash as possible to spend on extra items. Choose wisely on better shock absorbers, new tyres or more nitro. Nitros give your truck an extra speed boost!

If tackling three computer-controlled opponents is too easy for ya, use a Gear-to-Gear cable to hook you and a friend up to the same game!

The pace is manic and the action non-stop! You need all your wits about you to keep this monster on the road!

Mat grins... ‘A GREAT RACING GAME!’

Virgin have taken a great coin-op and given it the full GG treatment! Those little scamps at Virgin have a knack for smart conversions and this is no exception! The chance to drive one of those massive 4x4 behemoths is now within reach of anyone with a GG! I didn’t think Off Road would convert well onto the handheld but I needn’t have worried! Even though the trucks are minuscule, the graphics are brilliant! It’s a bit tricky controlling the monster machines at first, but once you get the knack of It, you’re soon racing round like a turbo-charged nutter!

There are loads of obstacles to avoid, such as water-filled pits, speed ramps and, of course, those tricky corners! Don’t slow down, though — those other drivers are right on your tail!

The courses get trickier and your opponents get nastier! Remember to use that nitro sparingly ‘cos it could give you the edge at the end of a race. You may need it!

The two-player game’s a riot, you and a friend battling it out for supremacy of the track. The trucks bounce around like hyperactive bunnies — multiple pile-ups are inevitable!

If you’re looking for a simple, fun yet challenging game, Super Off Road could be right up your street!

MAT 89%

Paul reveals... ‘STONKINGLY GOOD!’

This was great in the arcades but didn’t translate too well to console. Thankfully, the GG version has been programmed well and the end result’s a stonkingly good game!

Superb graphics and fantastic gameplay combine well to make this the best racing game on the Game Gear to date. Everything from the arcade version has been included: the tracks, the money, the women... The lot!

The GG’s been starved of a good racing game so this is like a breath of fresh air to us handheld owners. The trucks move at a fair old pace; it takes a high degree of skill to keep the big 4x4s on course and not perched up against the ramps and hills that litter the tracks.

Overhead view racing games are always In short supply and when they do appear, they’re usually pretty dire. Super Off Road Racer, however, is one of the few Game Gear releases well worth buying. If you’re popping out to buy a GG cart In the near future and don’t fancy the platform romps that are all the rage at the moment, buy this little package. It’s a winner!

PAUL 85%

SF Rating

67% - Nifty opening, featuring a rather well-endowed young lady! No continues, two-player option
90% - Small but smart graphics coupled with smooth movement adds to the fun
72% - Nothing amazing on the sound front but there some realistic engine noises
83% - Controls are very responsive. Trucks sometimes skid too much but handle well
86% - Fun for beginners and a challenge tor hardened gamesplayers. Lack of continues is a pain


A smart racing game. Takes skill to master but you won’t switch it off!

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 14

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