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Reviews: Super Monaco GP (スーパーモナコGP) / G.P. Mônaco - review by GamePro magazine

By Bro' Buzz

Super Monaco GP's burning rubber through the Sega video game circuit-coin-op, Genesis, and Master System. Next stop, the Game Gear.

Super Monaco GP is a cool portable motor racing game, even though the graphics are pretty standard stuff. Like most racing carts, you drive with a behind-your-car view, however, unlike the other Super Monaco's you don't get a rear view mirror feature.

PROTIP: Turns come up quickly, so hit he brakes (with the auto transmission) or downshift (with the manual trannie) as soon as a turn-arrow sign appears.

The Brake Fast of Champions

Becoming champion is a near-grueling test of your video driving skills. Shift gears, finesse tight curves, and stomp on the accelerator! Be prepared for mucho spin outs. If you ever make it to the top, you'll understand why pros go nuts spraying around a huge bottle of champagne when they win the real thing.

PROTIP: Use the light Vapor engine for curvy road courses. However, the Firenze V-12's the monster you want for straight tracks.

The Grand Prix takes place on 16 tracks in international locales such as Brazil, Australia, England, and Japan. You get curvey road courses and flat-out speed tracks. Your challenge is to score championship points by finishing in 7th place or better.

PROTIP: If you're averaging 6th or 7th place finishes, start over, you'll never make champion.

To win you must learn to modify your racer to fit the course you're driving. You can choose from two spoilers, two types of tires, four engines, and two trannies - auto and 7-speed manual.

PROTIP: Use Wing Type-1 for straight tracks and Wing Type-2 for curvy ones.

A Classy Chassis

The Super Monaco GP carts feature the toughest auto racing around, and this Game Gear version maintains that tradition albeit in a smaller format. Beating Super Monaco GP takes real drive.

GamePro magazine

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