It’s the 21st century and all is not well. A series of unexplained disasters has left good old Mother Earth in a state of turmoil. Meanwhile, out in space. Earth is being scrutinised by the cause of these troubles: the evil Grand Master Meio and his nasty, extra-terrestrial creations.

The Striders are the only source of goodness left in a world turned upside down. They’ve assigned young Hiryu to visit the Master’s third moon and splat as many mutants as possible with his lethal plasma sword.

The courageous Hiryu journeys through collapsing cities, ice-capped mountains and sweltering jungles before his final confrontation with the malevolent Meio!

BEN SAYS: ‘Not a bad game but I found the graphics pretty average; the Master System’s capable of much better. Hiryu’s best features are his cool acrobatic leaps and swift sword action. The controls are easy and the sound’s okay but not exactly pant-swinging stuff.

‘Most space mutants are a little too easy to kill but some of the end-of-level guardians are almost impossible to annihilate at first, leaving you to rely on luck instead of judgement.

‘Overall, not a bad platformer but the graphics are dodgy.’


Sega Force magazine (Ben the Boffin)
Sega Force - Issue 18

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