Spider-Man does whatever a spider can! Spins a web any size, catches thieves in his flies! Arrested for gross indecency, there goes Spider-Man! Lucky he left his new game behind, eh?

Endowed with the proportionate strength of a spider (but not the sudden scuttling movements). Peter Parker has righted more wrongs than Esther Rantzen. Unfortunately, his good deeds have made him plenty of super-powered enemies — and they’ve had enough!

Spider-Man has put Doctor Octopus behind bars more times than either care to remember, Longing for peace, the metal-armed maniac has reformed a group of super-villains he once belonged to: The Sinister Six. Under Doc Ock’s leadership, Electro, Sandman, Mysterio, The Vulture and The Hobgoblin are out for Spidey’s blood. They wanna flush him away!

Using his links as photographer tor The Daily Bugle and a little detective work, Parker has discovered The Sinister Six are back. Slipping on his slinky Spider-Man costume (pausing momentarily to fondle his inner thighs), he takes to the streets of New York. That’s where you take over.

A web- em-up!

Doc Ock’s henchmen are everywhere but you can punch and kick them into submission. And of course, you’d hardly be a spider without webs. They can fired as a web-ball to stun opponents or as a line to swing, Tarzan-like, across the screen.

Nothing lasts forever, including Spidey’s web fluid. Luckily, some unknown benefactor has left bottles of fluid (ahem!) all around the levels. Crouch down and you’re topped up.

Likewise, being biffed by baddies or hit by hazards reduces energy. Lose it all and it’s Game Over — you only get one life (realism, don’t ya just hate it?). But putting henchmen and especially super-villains out of action restores some power, delaying an early grave.

The second part of each level takes place in a super-villain’s lair and requires a little thought. An object or two has to be found and used otherwise progress is blocked.

There’s more to spiders than cocooned house flies, rolled-up newspapers and detachable limbs. Play this and find out for yourself!

PARKER’S PICK-UPS - The first two levels

Once Peter Parker (aka Spidey) has made it through the streets to Electro’s lair, he has to find and use this key to access sparky’s inner sanctum.
This stuff is dynamite! To reach Sandman in Level 2, this bumper box of fire crackers must be searched out. Dunno where Spidey carries it, though!
Oddly enough, when Spider-Man finds the exit to Sandman’s home, a detonator’s already in position! Drop the TNT and touch this.

Warren booms... ‘A BIG CHALLENGE!’

My first reaction on spotting a spider is to squeal ‘Aagh! Eek!’ and bludgeon the unfortunate creature to death with the nearest hefty object (often Mat or Paz). But when I see Spider-Man, I think, ‘Hey! What a dude’.

I’ve yet to play a really good Spider-Man game, one that makes full use of the character. But for the time being, Return Of The Sinister Six is more than enough to keep me happy. Although bland in both the graphics and sonics departments, there’s lots of gameplay and a BIG challenge.

The webhead’s a tricky fella to control. It’s easy to deliver a blow, but it’s anyone’s guess whether he’ll punch or kick. It’s easy to drop In mid-swing or not fire a web-line at all. Yeah, you sure need to work at these controls!

Spidey has it tough in his comics... but not this tough! One life and just two continues?! Wouldn’t be so bad, because the levels themselves aren’t difficult, but the super-villains are tough. Simple tactics have to be developed to live more than a screen or two past Sandman.

Spider-Man fans will be disappointed — I know I am — but looking at it objectively, Spider-Man 2 is an admirable MS release.


Once a simple electrician, Electro had an accident atop a pylon and turned to crime. He's charging himself with electricity when Spidey meets him in this game.
Sandman once took a snooze on a beach... but it was contaminated by a nearby nuclear power station and his body became living sand! Level 2's tough boss.
Once a special effects technician, the film studio fired him and now Mysterio uses his clever techniques for evil. His base is a real maze, full of hidden danger.
He's old but not feeble! To counter the effects of aging, The Vulture wears a strength-enhancing suit, which also gives him flight. He's a difficult swine to pin down.
The Hobgoblin even steals from other villains! He stole the Green Goblin's strength-enhancing formula and gadgets and uses them in Level 5, deep in the woods.
A brilliant scientist, he used telescopic metal arms to handle dangerous chemicals... but an accident fused them to his body and drove him insane! The final boss.

Paul chirps... GREAT MS GAME!’

Compared to other MS platform games, Spider-Man 2 is in a league of its own! The graphics are far superior to any MS game of its type and although the sound is average, gameplay’s totally fantastic and makes Return Of The Sinister Six a sure-fire winner!

When you start to play, you notice the silky-smooth animation of the web-spinning wonder as he swings and jumps across the beautifully-drawn New York skyline. All the locations are plastered with colour and have a real comic-book feel.

The controls are very responsive, though the bog-standard MS joypad can let you down at vital1 moments — especially when you need to make a diagonal manoeuvre!

But all in all, this is a great MS release. It looks good and plays like a charm, while giving the gamer a really tough challenge for his £30. It just has the edge over the GG version and is an essential purchase for any MS owner who enjoys this kind of game.

PAUL 86%

SF Rating

68 - A stingy single life and mere two continues. Nice cartoon pics between levels, though
72 - Small sprites but backgrounds are moody-animation’s reasonable, scrolling’s good
57 - The MS warbles and drones form passable tunes. Thwack, hist and beep effects
77 - Tricky controls and single life are off-putting but the urge to find super-villains is great.
83 - Tough villains and two continues mean some may quit but there’s lasting challenge


Unimpressive as a Spider-Man game but challenging and playable in its own right

Flying Edge
Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 18

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