More brutal than 20 angry Alsatians and as deluxe as a top of the range BMW, the SF Deadheads reckon they’re the coolest kids on the block.

The world was hungry for a new sport, more aggressive than football, more vicious than the lions’ cage at Dudley Zoo!

The kids got restless and created their own! The Government legalised it, Channel Four televised it, huge stadiums were built and official leagues created. Speedball was born! You take control of a team of rookies, Brutal Deluxe. You’ve got the potential but have you got the skill to take them to victory?

Choose a two-player ‘friendly’ match, one-player exhibition game or enter the league, where the aim’s to take your team from the depths of the second division to the top of the first! Or take part in a knockout competition for the ultimate prize: the Speedball 2 trophy!

Before every match you take care of managerial decisions: which players to buy and sell, who should play in which position and what attributes should be improved. Credits can be spent on improving attributes of individual players, formations or the whole team.

The ball’s spat into the middle of the arena and the match is underway! To get the ball simply run over it, or jump and catch it in the air. A well-timed tackle knocks opponents off their feet and steals the ball.

You can score in many ways. The easiest way is to find your star wall and chuck the ball against it. The next is to find the two bounce domes in the middle of the park and bung the ball at ‘em — every time you hit them you get two points!

The most profitable way of scoring is to throw the ball into your opponent’s goal- The easiest way is to charge the ball using an electric dome.

Now when you throw the ball it can knock three opposing players out of the way!

You can also score by seriously injuring an opposing player! If he’s carried off you earn ten points! All the above points can be increased by throwing the ball into score multipliers found on either side ot the pitch.

To help you in your quest for glory, you can pick up loads of helpful icons. Some have instant effect, others improve players’ attributes throughout the season. All should help you score more points and help you take Brutal Deluxe into Speedball history!


Run over this icon and filings go barmy for a short while. Every players attributes are bumped up to full! The action gets fast and frantic.
The best icon you can collect. All the opposing players are stuck to the spot for a short time, allowing you to score points galore.
These pick-ups are few and far between. They last for the whole game so these are well worth looking out for - this one increases defence.
Each coin is worth 100 credits. You’ll need to collect loads of these if you intend to buy the star players that are available to you.
This icon is a pain in the backside. It gives the team who collects it automatic control of the ball via their centre- forward.
Another icon that lasts the whole of the game. This one boosts the intelligence of the player who picked it up.

Mat grumbles... ‘JUST TOO DULL’

Oh great! Speedball 2 appears on yet another Sega system and it just keep getting worse!

I’ll be honest (that makes a change! —Dep Ed), I’m not a big fan of the Speedball series. The MD conversion was bearable but every version of this futuristic footie game lacks real fun. Each game’s set in the same grey arena with two teams of identically dressed players knocking the crap out of each other in a vain attempt to grab hold of a shiny ball!

Okay, so there’s a bit of excitement at first but it soon wears off. The basic idea’s sound enough but the MS hasn’t got the capabilities to do it justice.

The main sprites are large enough but their movements are too jerky at times. Performing simple shots can be a bit of a nightmare when the opposing team constantly knocks you over or sends the ball flying out of your hands!

So there you have it. Frustrating gameplay, low interest factor. If you must play this violent future sport, give the MD version a spin.

MAT 69%

Paul growls... ‘BLOODY PLAYABLE!’

At last! The best 8-bit console gets the best sports sim ever invented! Smart!

Those of you who love extreme violence will love Speedball 2 — these blokes make Vinny Jones look like a nursery teacher! They’re lean, mean and ready to tear the heads off any team that isn’t up to scratch! You’d better be a bit tasty at ball-swerving or they’ll have you for breakfast!

None of the feel of the games been lost in its conversion to 8-bit, and although the graphics and sound aren’t nearly as good as its big brother’s, they’re more than adequate.

But the one reason why everybody with an MS should buy this is it’s so bloody playable. It doesn’t matter if you’ve won the cup or finished top of the league for the hundredth season in a row, it loses none of its appeal.

The management side gives it that extra depth over straight sports sims and the host of pick-ups and extras make every game different from the last. The computer teams vary in style so tactics which work against one team may not be so successful against another; you’ve got to be adaptable!

If you’ve got an MS and like sports games, buy Speedball 2 pronto. If you’re not a sports fan, check out it first... then buy It!

PAUL 87%

SF Rating

82% - Nice intro and helpful options. Management screen layout’s slightly contusing
86% - Not the most stunning MS graphics but good nonetheless
78% - Good tunes and sound effects throughout the game
88% - Takes a few goes to get used to then it’s all second nature
92% - Love it or hate it, learn how to play it and it’ll last for ages!


One of the most original sports sims around for the MS

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 14

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