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Reviews: Space Gun - review by Sega Master Force magazine

A cripplad spaceship's crying for help; you leap into action to save those stranded onboard. But alas, this is no easy task, because the ship's been invaded by deadly aliens. Lurking behind hatches, on gantries, and in maintenance corridors, they leap at you when you least expect it and don't think twice about using fangs and claws.

Oh dear. Space Gun lacks the action and excitement you expect from a shoot-'em-up; this is one of the least recommended we've covered.

The levels are samey in appearance and virtually identical in play — ie, slow and monotonous. Even if you play it with a light gun, you're likely to give up after a few minutes and leave the humans to their fate.

The aliens look superb but they're badly animated and there an only a few 'species' The tunes are crumbly and the blasting effect's feeble.

To be frank, Space Gun's a waste of tune. In 'action', the visuals are basic, the sound's scratchy and gameplay's boring. Buy it and you're a fool.

Sega Master Force magazine

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