As befitting his cheeky nature, youthful good looks and all-round cuteness, Sonic’s latest adventure’s also available on the compact and bijou’ small screen. But the challenge proves size ain’t important...

The evil Dr Robotnik’s back with his most devious plan yet! The vile villain’s constructed an awesome weapon: the Death Egg! With this weapon, Robotnik hopes to gain world domination!

Who can stop him? Why, the one and only Sonic The Hedgehog, back and faster than ever!

Take control of the blue spiky mammal and guide him through six levels of super-sonic speed to the showdown with Robotnik himself! Sonic has his work cut out for him as there are more traps and obstacles to avoid than ever before! Blimey!

Our speedy blue hero also gets to go mine cart racing, hang-gliding and water skimming! He must master all of these stunts if he’s to complete the mission!

The hideous Doctor’s also kidnapped Tails The Fox, one of Sonic’s friends. To save him, you have to complete all of the levels and find all the fabled Chaos Emeralds. Do this and you race to the secret last level on Crystal Island!

The Game Gear version’s almost identical to MS Sonic 2. The main difference is that the Sonic sprite’s a lot larger here, making him easier to see and control.

There are animals to rescue, bad guys to beat and a planet to save! So get those super speed boots on and start running!


Well what can I say? I thought Sonic on the GG was a tough little bugger but along comes the sequel and blows it away! It’s taster, harder and even more addictive! There might only be six levels to complete but there’s no way you’ll be finishing this in a week!

Each level’s split into two main sections then a boss level. Beat Robotnik’s hideous creatures at the end and free your imprisoned furry friends (Shame! —Rest of the World).

It’s a good idea to explore each level thoroughly before finishing It. Hidden passages are dotted around the place. Sonic rolls into a spiky ball and smashes Into walls to find loads of hidden rings and extras!

Handy springs and buffers are dotted around the levels and enable Sonic to bounce and rebound at high speed. The hang-glider’s a bit tricky to control, but with practice you’ll be sailing through the air better then the Wright brothers (well, one of them at least!).

Sonic 2’s finally here but he’s gonna take some cracking!

MAT 92%

Chris gasps... ‘HELLISH TOUGH’

Expecting a direct port over from the MS version? Forget it! Sure, the Game Gear scenario’s the same and most of the levels follow exactly the same route as the MS outing, but there’s been some serious tweaking to the gameplay en route to the handheld scene. It doesn’t take you long to realise you’ve got a whole new set of problems on your hands.

Where obstacles were fixed on the MS version, they’re now random, making progress hellish tough! It’s fast, furious and outrageously good fun.

Leaving that aside, the sprites are big, clear and move like a dream. The sounds are great, as you’d expect, and without further ado, I solemnly declare Sonic 2 a must for all Game Gear freaks out there!


SF Rating

88% - Great opening sequence, continue-plays when you get enough points
92% - Sonic himself looks bigger than before and there’s some smooth movement
89% - Bouncy Sonic theme tune can get annoying but sound FX are good
91% - The toughest version of Sonic 2. Simple controls, practice needed on hang-gilding etc
92% - Tough to complete; you’ll need to play this solidly to get far


Not the best version of the game but the most challenging. A must-have!

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 12

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