Many of you will already own this little beauty and most others will know the score, but for the uninitiated. Sonic's blue, fast and the arch-enemy of Doctor Robotnik.

Robotnik's not exactly an animal lover. He's locked innocent, wide-eyed rabbits and birds in small metal cannisters, and sealed others inside death-dealing machines- As the champion of the animals' cause (peace, harmony, eating and breeding). Sonic speeds to die rescue.

Sonic's spin attack smashes machines and frees animals as he runs around multi-level stages, bouncing off springboards and steaming around loops. But his most famous task is collected rings — the more the merrier. He drops some when he's hit but that's better than losing a life!

The spiky little mammal's first adventure is a corker. This is Sega's baby and other manufacturers would give their right arm for the rights to it — it's not hard to see why. The visuals are stunning, almost on par with the Mega Drive original. Sprites are cool — sharply designed and detailed — and equally colourful backdrops scroll smoothly and swiftly. The sound's packed with lighthearted ditties and catchy tunes.

Playing Sonic's as easy as falling off a log but making significant progress is another matter. It's instantly playable and soon becomes addictive. The level layouts are different to the MD but it's just as good a game.

The only thing stopping this cart from getting full marks is the fact it's a little too easy. Having said that, Sonic The Hedgehog’s so playable it'll always amuse you, however many times you complete it. Go get Robotnik!

Sega Master Force magazine
Sega Master Force - Issue 2

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