The blue hedgehog with a pile of speeding tickets arrived back on the Master System and Game Gear in November with a spanking new adventure. The added attraction this time was that you could play his sidekick Tails!

It was a peaceful day on Sonic’s South Island. Along with his faithful sidekick, Tails, he was busy exploring, zipping along the planes and whizzing around the loop-the-loops.

Suddenly, they skidded to a halt. Was that a phone they could hear ringing! It certainly was. In a nearby call box, the receiver was almost jumping off the phone as an urgent message came through.

Sonic picked up the phone. ‘Hello,’ he said, in a hedgehog sort of way.

The reply came in one garbled breath: ‘Sonic! You have to come quickly. That nasty-smelling Eggman has found the red Chaos Emerald and is planning to make a nuclear weapon out of it!’

It was one of Sonic’s lock-outs. Sure enough, as Sonic was taking in what he’d heard, the whole island started to sink under his feet. He had to act fast.

A life on the ocean wave!

You see, the South Island which is home to Sonic and Tails needs the magical Chaos Emeralds to survive. They’re the source of vitality for life on the island and without all six, its balance is disrupted and it sinks into the ocean.

Sonic discovered that Eggman had scattered the five remaining Emeralds throughout a parallel world. What could he do to restore peace and tranquillity to South Island? Call International Rescue? Write to Jim’ll Fix It?

Nope. He was going to have to face this one himself — with a little help from Miles ‘Tails’ Prower, of course!

Spikes or Tails?

So which is the best character to choose? Sonic Chaos gives Master System players the choice of Sonic or Tails and their different strengths and weaknesses. Here’s the SEGA MASTER FORCE guide to the Pet Shop Boys of the video games world!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic can use a pogo stick, allowing him to jump really high, and rocket shoes add to his speed. After collecting a hundred rings, Sonic enters a bonus stage to win back one of the Chaos Emeralds from the parallel world.

Once all six zones have been cleared and all six Emeralds collected, Sonic witnesses the extra-special end sequence. Tails, on the other hand, will have to buy the video!

Choosing Sonic puts the game into Normal mode.

Miles ‘Tails’ Prower

This sly old fox has two tails! He can use them to fly or swim at high speeds. Unfortunately, he can’t use the pogo stick or rocket shoes because he’s scared of heights and doesn’t like going too fast.

Tails can’t enter any of the bonus stages to collect Chaos Emeralds, even after collecting a hundred rings, so he can’t complete the game properly and see the end sequence.

Choosing Tails puts Sonic Chaos into Easy mode.


I was well impressed with this new Sonic extravaganza. Right from the moment you plug the cartridge into the Master System and switch on, you’re treated to the slickness and quality we’ve come to expect from Sega. Of course, this game has one up on the other MS Sonic games as you can now play Tails, as well as our blue hero.

Visually, Sonic Chaos is stunning. Backgrounds, sprites and animation are all top-notch. I was particularly impressed by the new gadgets Sonic’s been given to help in his quest. The rocket shoes and pogo stick will have you playing till the cows come home!

Sonic Chaos is a fantastic game that no Master System owner should be without. Check it out now or forever regret it!

MF Rating



Simply an essential purchase for anyone with a Master System or Game Gear — nuff said!

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