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Reviews: Sagaia - review by Sega Master Force magazine

Sagia's stripped down to the bare bones to bring pure shoot-'em-up action. Unfortunately, this no-frills attitude doesn't thrill — quite the opposite. The storyline's boring, too: a race of aliens are popping off other aliens, so two bra re fighters have to show the bad aliens who's the boss.

So with the aid of a star map, you travel toward your distant home land, killing the invaders on the way. Basically, just keep blasting — if you can keep your finger on the fire button while drifting into a catatonic state.

You encounter many different types of nasties, all of which are pretty weak, then face the end-of-level bad guys. Again, they're a cinch to eliminate.

Graphic definition and animation are representative of the game — they're bland and shapeless. The sound's awful, too, an irritating tune and hopeless effects.

Steer clear of Sagaia — unless you're a sucker for punishment with more money than sense.

Sega Master Force magazine

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