Squeak, squeak, squeak! Someone needs a bit of oiling around here. It could only be the future of law enforcement — RoboCop!

The America of the future is a crime-ridden place. Tough gangs rule the streets, common criminals are armed with the latest military hardware and a murder’s committed every two seconds (so not much different, then? —Sub Ed). The police force are useless against such’ a massive outbreak of crime, with corruption running wild in the force, too!

To make things even worse, the local government of one of the worst cities, Detroit, has been almost reduced to bankruptcy, thanks to Omni Consumer Products. The OCP corporation plans to wipe out Old Detroit and replace it with a shiny new place of chrome and steel — Delta City.

Stay out of trouble!

This is where RoboCop comes into the story. Once a top police officer, Murphy was shot and left for dead by a gang of villains. OCP took what was left of him and, with the aid of the latest surgery and cybernetic techniques, transformed him into a robotic peace officer known as RoboCop.

Guide the titanium crime fighter through many different levels set around the troubled streets of Old Detroit. The main objective is to simply to reach the end of each level in one piece, which is easier said than done. Luckily, the options screen allows you to choose how many lives and continues you want.

On your way through each war-torn location, you come up against some pretty vicious toes, like street punks, crazed droids, flying robots and many more. To aid you, you’re equipped with a hand gun and can also collect weapons such as an omni-directional pistol and the particularly effective laser weapon.

Cop that, OCP!

ROB 57%

Oh dear, it’s a great shame when film superheroes are reduced to appearing in bland platform romps to keep their name alive. RoboCop 3 does nothing for the great steel-plated crime fighter.

At first you’d think RoboCop had his knees tied together as he minces down the streets of Old Detroit in a very awkward manner. Another humorous thing happens when you shoot bad guys. They seem to be attached by a piece of wire, the other end tied to a Robin Reliant. As soon as you blast the bad guy, the Robin Reliant starts up, dragging the nasty piece of work behind it (oh come on, use your imagination!).

As far as graphics go, RoboCop 3’s not too bad — well detailed, with the odd splash of colour here and there. You have the choice of three tunes to accompany the action, all of which are so annoying enough you’ll want to send the Game Gear into orbit!

I’m afraid there’s nothing new in RoboCop 3, it’s just another outmoded platformer you’ll forget about in a few weeks.

NICK 58%

There’ve been a string of RoboCop games recently. First we had Virgin’s RoboCop Vs The Terminator on both Master System and Game Gear, and now here comes RoboCop 3 from Acclaim. Has someone out there been telling software companies they want more Robo games or what?

I believe RoboCop’s old hat now. The original film came out years ago and the follow-up was a major flop. The games have never been brilliant either — just horizontally-scrolling shoot-’em-ups.

So what sort of game is RoboCop 3, then? Yup — a scrolling shoot-’em-up!

Graphics aren’t too bad, with a nice RoboCop and lots of villains to blast away. The animation’s a bit dodgy, though — Robo looks like he’s doing a John Inman impersonation as he minces along!

Levels vary their backgrounds and there’s even a section where the future of law enforcement flies across the screen. The trouble is you probably won’t get there — you’ll be blasted to pieces instead!

The bottom line is that RoboCop 3 has nothing new to offer. If you’ve already got a platform shoot-’em-up, just pretend it’s Robo walking across the screen and you’ve got this, too!

MF Rating



Another scrolling shoot-em-up, the likes of which we’ve seen hundreds of times before.

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