When Bub and his equally cute dino-bro, Bob, escaped from Baron Von Blubba's prison and broke his spell, they thought their troubles were over. Using cash collected from Blubba's dungeons, they bought the beautiful Rainbow Islands as a home for friends and a haven for tourists.

But Von Blubba's back and his nasty henchsprites are crawling over the islands. Armed with remarkably solid but temporary rainbows, Bub hops up vertical levels, using the 'bows as bridges and somewhat unusual weapons.

The sequel to Bubble Bobble is crazy and cute. The graphics are so colourful, Tim thought he was having a flashback to the Sixties — and he wasn't even born in the Sixties! The sprites are sickeningly cute and backdrops are bright and effervescent.

The music is as sweet as sucrose and annoyingly catchy. The gameplay's even more addictive — it had me enthralled for hours.

Rainbow Islands is even more fun than its predecessor, a weird and wonderful platformer with graphics so colourful they verge on the psychedelic. If this isn't in your collection, buy it now.

Sega Master Force magazine
Sega Master Force - Issue 2

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