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Its always a laugh taking your remote-controlled buggy down the park, scaring grannies, driving dogs mad, your batteries running out in 20 minutes flat, just as your buggy's travelling full pelt toward the pond... The RC in RC Grand Prix stands for remote-control, obviously enough, and you and three other buggies compete in races around ten different tracks. Up to four human players can sign up but they can't race at the same time. To get through to the next race, you have to complete the circuits within the time limit and in the top three. Prize money Is spent in a shop to update tires, engine and so on.

Tracks and track sides are short on colour and detail but move well. Buggy sprites are neatly designed and effects are conventional Sega bleeps and drones. On Intermission screens, trophies and shopkeepers are very well drawn.

RC Grand Prix is the Sega version of Rare's RC Pro-Am on the Nintendo, a classic race game that won TGM's first ever Star Player when our awards were introduced in issue 14. Things have pro- gressed In 20 months and Grand Prix doesn't play as smoothly as Pro-Am anyway. However its still fairly addictive and one of the better 8-bit Sega games around so is well worth considering.


Machine ratings 79%

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