Rescuing kidnapped family members is always thought of as a great storyline for a game. But who in thir right mind would battle against evil beings that are much more powerful than you are? I thought that no one would stick up their hand, because you're not mad, are you?

Deep in the hearts of a forest, Dr Knavil set up his laboratory to work on a special ESP booster. Due to the isolation he grew very bored and hired two assistants who were the twins cecile and lucia.

One day the animals the Dr used for experiments began to get a little restless, suddenly there was an explosion and Cecile went to investigate.

PSYCHOTIC PSYCHIC The doctor warned her not to get too close to the cages but it was no use, they bolted and escaped, taking Cecile with them.

Lucia vowed to rescue her sister and using the ESP booster helmet set out on a mission of a lifetime.

Taking the platform shhot'em-up scenario the game takes place over five different landscapes starting out on the open plains.

The first stage is fairly simple but there are a few scenarios that will try your patience. Be assured that the levels won't all be as easy as the first but they will all try to stop you in your quest.

To begin with you are armed only with a puny, spud-gun-like shooter. This can be constantly powered up throughout the game.

The furthest I got was a three bullet wide forward shot. Most enemies take two shots to destroy while others take a lot more.

The controls are fairly standard with the two buttons used for jump and fire while the direction control along with one of the others are pressed for psychic forces.

These powers take the form of different weapons, smart bombs, invincibility shields and so on.

THE TIME IS RIGHT These weapons can be used at any time as long as the ESP meter on the right hand side of the screen hasn't dropped too far.

At the end of each level you will encounter a rather large and none too kind looking creature. These meanies take a fair wad of shots to destroy and when they do they leave behind a special icon for your ESP meter.

As usual you can tell that these objects are about to appear as strange things will begin happening all around you, such as, the sky going black, an earthquake starting, and so on.

If you run out of energy and die, don't despair, as included is a continue option which lets you start at the beginning of the world you died on.

Software House
Sega Enterprises Ltd
Development Team
Sega - Japan

Platform games are perhaps my favourite type of game on the market and when they are coupled with shoot'em-up action they result in the loss of a week's sleep. This game unfortunately didn't provoke that particular affliction.

The graphics are small, colourful and very poorly animated. Some of the screens look exactly the same as previous ones you have just encountered!

The sound effects are fairly average while the tune soon begins to get annoying. Controlling the game took a while to get to grips with, but this was partly due to the silly Sega control pad.

Perhaps the main problems were that it was far too hard to die on level one, and level two was unbelievably difficult.

The continue option was quite welcome until I realised that there were an infinite supply of credits.

This is not one of the best titles to hit the Master Sytem but it is still worth a try even if you only laugh at the storyline.

Master System £25.53 June
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