Out in August from Domark, price £tba

Blimey, it's the Prince Of Persia again! So what about this version - is it the same story? Well, to cut a long story short, yes it is. If direct comparisons are to be made between the two hand-held versions, then maybe the Game Boy Prince Of Persia would win out ever so slightly, due to the slightly more instinctive feel you have when controlling the prince, and the fact that on the Game Gear the prince sprite moves just a fraction too quickly.

Having said that, the Game Gear version is pretty blinking fabbo. In fact it's better than that - it's bloody totally super. If you'd never played any other version of the game, you wouldn't even know there were any flaws at all. The brilliant sprite animation is here. The wide variety of available moves is here. The timer ticking away which panics you into making silly moves is here. The brilliant sword-fighting sections are here. The uncannily addictive gameplay is here. In fact everything is here. Prince Of Persia is the sort of game that gets you into trouble on coaches, as Mrs J Gloophouse of Kent explains: "I was on level five of Prince Of Persia when the driver announced over the Tannoy that our coach was on board the ferry, and that lunch was about to be served. I was on my way to Holland. I had meant to get off in Croydon. I had to pay £220 in excess fares."


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