Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Deputy Ed calls it quits and takes up newspaper delivering. It can’t be true! ADRIAN PITT wouldn’t be seen dead in a kagoul!

It’s about time we had loads of Game Gear releases. Together with technical impresarios, Tengen, good old Domark have added to the list and brought this classic romp, hot off the presses, to the small screen.

The idea’s to deliver copies of the infamous Daily Sun to customers on the subscription list. A map screen makes identifying who’s who a little easier, highlighting those customers who require a morning read.

Choose Easy Street, Middle Road or Hard Way, though the latter’s a tough route to crack and first timers should plump for Easy Street!

Customer care

Slight of hand and a keen eye are needed ‘coz the streets and pavements are choc-full of hazards and traps. Road workers, breakdancers, dogs, cats, unicyclists, lawnmowers, remote-controlled cars, manhole covers with a life of their own... you name ‘em, you’re bound to bump into ‘em!

Remember, as you’re dodging obstacles you must deliver the Daily Sun. Subscriber’s houses are pale blue and often have a mailbox outside. If your aim’s good you can stack the points up.

On yer bike!

Running low on copies? Fret not! There are loadsa bundles on the pavement. Just run over ‘em and the onscreen counter rises, no sweat!

If you break a customer’s window or fail to deliver their paper, you’re reported to the newsagent and a subscription’s cancelled. Tut tut.

At the end of each street there’s a training section. Jump over ramps, sand traps and pools of water. Extra speed’s required to leap over some water troughs. Hit the various targets en route to gain bonus points.

Makes the headlines

Domark have done a fine job with Game Gear Paperboy. The graphics are realty colourful, with some ace backdrops.

The playing area needs a bit of getting used to, though. Sometimes if s difficult to judge what obstacles are gonna appear onscreen. Scoring’s a little easier than the MD game, so gameplay’s more rewarding.

No problems with scrolling, it’s spot on. not a hint of flicker. A good intra tune, in-game ditties and FX mean it’s kind on the ears, too.

At last, handheld buffs can get their mitts on a real classic! All in all, Paperboys a wheelie great game! (Groan! —The SF Team.


I was sure GG Paperboy was going to be too small but Domark have enlarged the game so a smaller area of the street’s displayed and the characters are clearly visible. Unfortunately this doesn’t work. Anyone who’s played it on any other format knows Paperboy works because you can see anything that might be a problem and avoid it. But because the GG screen’s small you spend much of the time crashing. Once you get over this you run into Paperboy’s main problem: It’s too samey. You’ll only get a few plays outta this before it’s destined to a life on the shelf.

MAT 74%


SF Rating

71% - Three levels of action, nice static shots and training section
81% - Clear, colourful sprites. Nice backdrops, good scrolling
56% - Irritating tunes, reach for the volume knob! Good spot FX, though
72% - Easier to control than the other versions. Slick levels
75% - Challenging tor a while, but tends to get a little samey


It’s stood the test of time. Another good conversion.

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 09

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