Outrun is the current hot car racing sim from the arcades at the moment, it comes on a 256K cartridge for the Sega and will retail at £24.95. The version I reviewed was pre-production and has a few rough technical edges, but there was enough there to convince me of its quality.

The overall aim of the game is to complete all six sections of the course, with each section having its own time.

There is a zippy little attract mode which demos various levels from the game, a res-up of the Outrun logo and a high score display table to keep track of those crucial scores.

On entering the game you can choose from three backing jingles — Passing Breeze, Splash Wave and Magical Sound Shower (my fave!) You are then placed on the start line in your £74,000 Ferrari Testarossa with the flag-man happily waving you on.

The graphics are minutely detailed and you could really mistake this for the arcade version. Even better, this game plays like the arcade, and you can use the same tactics as you did on the coin-op.

You find yourselves driving blind into and through corners not knowing what is at the tip of a hill or around the next bend. The backdrops and signposts all whizz Dy convincingly and in colourful detail. The road widens periodically from one to five lanes and various hazards in the form of cars (— from Porches to VW beetles) — and sharp bends appear out of nowhere to threaten you.

Here is the bottom line Outrun on the Sega has all the thrill power of the arcade version, it has detailed, colourful, graphics and it even managed to keep me away from MY flash red sports car for many an hour. Need I say more?...

T.T.'s Thrill Rating
CVG magazine

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