Antipodean angst as New Zealand native, Tiki the Kiwi, loses his friends to Wally the Walrus. Worse, his beloved fluff-bundle, Fifi, is among the imprisoned birdies. What's Tiki to do but grab bow and arrow and hunt blubber?

Teddy bears, shellfish and monkeys block the kiwi's path but his bow makes short work of them. Tiki travels by balloon, hover platform, snorkel and duck when not hopping and fluttering, and collects power-up weapons and fruit.

You may have played the New Zealand Story coin-op a few years ago. If you liked it, you should love this, because it's a spot-on conversion. Sprites are detailed and move well; backgrounds are perhaps too colourful. The chirpy in-game tune will soon have you whistling!

Tiki's easy to control, likewise for his secondary means of transport, which add to the enjoyment There are plenty of items to gather and secret sections to find.

If you think cute graphics equals easy gameplay, you've got another thing coming. The New Zealand Story’s tough — the first level's simple but the others give you a run for your money.

This is a great arcade conversion. Graphics are stunning, the sound is sweet and gameplay's addictive and very challenging. Definitely one for the collection.

Sega Master Force magazine
Sega Master Force - Issue 2

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