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Reviews: The NewZealand Story - review by Sega Force magazine

Kamikaze kiwi in catastrophic kidnapping caper! Tiki’s girlfriends being held hostage and not even the lads from SEGA FORCE can come up with the ransom money! Over to you...

SEGA FORCE got the first bite of the kiwi fruit with the world exclusive preview of The New Zealand Story back in Issue 9. Now, the cute ‘n’ cuddly yellow un’ blasts onto the Master System in fan-flippin’-tas-tic Technicolor to prove the little 8-bit buddy can, without doubt, give Big Brother a run for his money.

NZS boasts Mega Drive-quality visuals and gameplay to match. This is Antipodean action through and through as the game’s hero, Tiki, attempts to rescue his mates and sweetheart from the clutches of Wally the Walrus.

Our feathery friend starts his quest in Auckland, passes through Rotorua, Waitomo Caves and Wellington, to name but a few. Each part of the island’s split into sub-stages — in fact, there are a total of 21 levels to run, shoot, jump, swim and fly through. Yep! This kiwi’s ultra versatile! He’s even into hot-air ballooning! {Richard Branson take note!)

En route, there are bad guys a-plenty! Snails, bats, boomerang-wielding wallys, spikes, slimeballs... And you thought New Zealand was a peaceful place, full of rolling hills, Maoris and sheep with a nervous disposition! Wrong!

Power-ups are there for the taking. Bombs, laser guns and plasma balls must be grabbed if you’re to stand any chance against those kiwi-killers! Why not give ‘em the slip and warp to a different level? Be warned, some teleports transport you to higher stages, others whisk ya back to an earlier maze.

The zoos and pants of New Zealand are treacherous places. This yellow youngster needs a morale booster to get him to Mount Cook and the final show down with Wally. Only you can supply it...


I have a distant memory of playing New Zealand Story in a chip shop, about two years ago! Stuffing my face with a saveloy, I was trying to guide a small birdy across the screen. Having absolutely no idea what I was doing, I was soon shot by a purple duck and told to remove myself from said sliced potato establishment! Two years and 76 saveloys later, the kiwi’s returned with a vengeance! New Zealand Story makes the leap onto the Master System.

And what a leap it is! I first played the game at a computer show In London and was blown away by it. Since then, TecMagik have tweaked the whole game. The result is a tough platform romp that really gives you something to get your beak into!

The whole look of the game is cartoony and the sound FX add to the feel. If you only get one MS game this year, make sure it’s New Zealand Story.

MAT 90%


I fancy there’s been a spot of kiwi-tweaking since we had New Zealand Story in for preview — it’s a helluva lot tougher. Stage 1’s bad guy, The Crystal Whale, was easy to find in the pre-production copy. Not any more! Continues are limited, too. You have to work for ‘em now! Reach Level 2-4 and 4-5 and they’re yours!

Fortunately, this tweaking hasn’t affected playability. After all, who wants a game you can finish in a couple of days?! New Zealand Story is now what we in the trade call ‘frustratlngly addictive’! You just have to keep playing to get bit further.

Wait! What about the graphics? In a word — STUNNING! It’s hard to believe you’re actually playing a Master System! The visuals are big, bold and extremely colourful. Tiki — and for that matter, all the sprites — are beautifully animated.

Controlling the little flapper’s a breeze. He runs, swims and files like a good un’. The Instruction manual ever offers a handy hint on how to hold the MS joypad when firing and flying. Makes life a lot easier!

Soundwise, we’re treated to a couple of ditties on the title screen and an in-game tune, one of those you’ll be whistling after a couple of minute’s play! Know wot I mean?!

New Zealand Story rates as one of the top arcade adventure games on the Master System. TecMaglk have really excelled themselves. This is their best release to date. Go kiwi crazy — NOW!

ADE 94%

SF Rating

72% - Excellent intro screens, demo mode, map screen and continues
93% - Remarkable! Stunning for the MS. Great sprites, backdrops and slick animation
80% - Cutesy ditties on the title screen. Good cartoon-style ditty runs throughout
83% - Tiki’s easy to control. Flying and swimming adds to enjoyment. Plenty of power-ups
89% - You won’t crack this one in a hurry. The first level’s easy, from then on — OUCH!


Its puzzle, platform and shooting elements appeal right across the board

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 11

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