So, you bought the appropriately named "Bad" album, went to the concerts, watched the Moonwalker video (and probably regretted it), read the book arid wore the T-shirt. Now, with this new Sega cart, you can actually take control of a digital version of your favourite pop star!

Based closely on the movie, this cart involves the kid-rescuing antics of the smooth criminal himself, as he darts around the four-way scrolling platform map dishing out copious quantities of Michael magic to the crazed cronies of the evil drug baron and tarantula-lover, Mr Big!

But Mr Big hasn't made the task particularly easy for the star with the choir-boy voice. Each of the kids have been secreted behind the doors, gravestones and bushes of five worlds - each with three sub-levels. But Michael is an athletic sort of kid-loving multi-millionaire, and can come up with all kinds of flashy dancing (including the inevitable moonwalking) and high-kicking in order to dispose of any one who dares attack him (though his burly, brain dead bodyguards haven't made it into the conversion).

Michael also has a magical flying hat that can be used to blow up his foes, along with a whole host of dancing moves that, cause his enemies to spontaneously join in before being blasted into oblivion! Mr Big makes an appearance at the end of each level to goad our hero into anger before he unleashes more of his cronies on our hero. After that, Michael moves onto the next level where more kiddie-rescuing awaits.

There's also five of Jackson's most recognisable tunes incorporated into the game. Expect a veritable explosion of Jackson sound coming from the TV when you can get down to the likes of Smooth Criminal, Bad, Another Part of Me and Billie Jean!


Let's make no bones about it, the movie must rank as being one of the most vile films produced, with a hideous "plot" and laughably limp acting on all quarters. Thankfully, this Sega cart is a damn sight better. The graphics are excellent, with detailed backdrops and sprites that even rival the graphical tour-de-force that was the Megadrive version. The game plays well too, with loads of crony crushing and plenty of Jackson-esque moves thrown in for good measure.

There's only a couple of slight problems. There game Is far too repetitive for its own good, and the task of rescuing "the kids" gets a bit boring after world two. The second gripe is the music. Even Jackson addicts will find the Sega renditions of his greatest hits a bit on the irritating side. Still, Jackson fans'll get a kick out of this - a bit like the enemy sprites in the game!

An enjoyable and entertaining game which will appeal to Jackson and platform fans alike - check it out.

CVG magazine "Complete Guide to Sega"

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