Breaking the Seal of the Pandora Passage, the hordes of darkness, led by Terarin, have burst through the portal and are ravaging the land. Only the four Miracle Warriors can hope to defeat Terarin, find the Seal and vanquish the armies of darkness forever.

You are one of the four. Your adventure begins outside a castle on the open plains where your first task is to join with your three amigos, Guy, Medi and Turo. Visiting wise sages, caverns and stone circles reveals clues to their whereabouts.

Villages provide equipment for purchase, healers, blacksmiths and sources of information. Cash can be earned by killing creatures and trading their fangs for guilders.

As you move through the region, a map of your surrounding area scrolls appropriately, and a graphic representation of immediate locations is updated with your every step.

The land is never safe now that the evil hordes are present, and frequent close encounters bring up the immediate view with options for interaction. Evil creatures know only to attack and the more friendly characters reveal little information when talked to, magic and spell options are displayed, but you begin with no magic items to hand no spells can be cast.

Armour light

At the start of the game you are practically useless at everything bar simple combat, having no armour, shield or sword. You are very quickly made aware of your vulnerability and staying alive for any length of time is difficult. Patience is required to gain experience and strength before proper exploration of the land can be made.

Using the Sega for anything other than arcade games may seem pointless, the design of the console restricts the scope of games that can be created for it. Unfortunately Miracle Warriors with its RPG concept doesn't prove this theory wrong, the game suffers from an acute lack of depth and flexibility. Simple communication, movement and combat are the only three elements.

Building up your character's strength and experience is the way to succeed. Unfortunately the endless repetition of combat, inflexible interaction and monotonous predictability kills this shallow attempt at an RPG.


Two Mega Cartridge: £32.95

With graphics superior to many RPGs, Miracle Warriors promises a lot In appearance but doesn't deliver in gameplay. The tortured use of English and strange Japanese names aside, Miracle Warriors offers neat presentation with good sprites, attractive backdrops and a number of pleasant tunes. No depth though.


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