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Reviews: Magical Puzzle - Popils (マジカルパズル・ポピルズ) / Popils - The Blockbusting Challenge - review by Zero magazine

You are a cute little fellow whose head is eight times the size of the rest of his body, and you have fallen in love with a beautiful princess who, coincidentally, suffers from the same deformity and loves you too. (Of course, between the pair of you you'll produce children who look like spacehoppers, and god knows how she'll manage to give birth to them with her hips, but that's love for you. A sickening state that causes more harm and suffering than hate ever did.)

What we have here is a cutesy puzzler - you have to save the chick by destroying platforms in the right order. There's loads of variety in the problems (even a cutesy Pacman baddie), squillions of levels and, damn and blast it, it's darned addictive. There's a map editor, allowing you to make up your own puzzles, save and play them. Your high scores and best scores are also saved - even after you switch off, which isn't always true of handhelds. Smart. Well done, that programming team.

So what if it's so cute you can't keep your meals down - think how good clothes look on thin people. But remember kids, it's not witty or clever to fall in love - don't try it at home.


Zero magazine

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