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Reviews: Kung Fu Kid / Makai Retsuden (魔界列伝) / Magye Yeoljeon (마계열전) - review by CVG magazine

Kung Fu Kid is the first offering this month. It is a Sega state-of-the-art martial arts kick 'em up and follows standard form with you out to get revenge for the killing of your Kung Fu master. The baddie in auestion is called Mandanda who lives in Lion Castle.

To confront him you have to complete seven rounds. The action takes place against a smooth scrolling backdrop (left, right, up and down depending on the round) with lots of lethal enemies flinging themselves at you.

You can walk left and right, leap high (and I mean HIGH), kick and throw talisman. The talisman is a special weapon that knocks out all enemies in the direction thrown. These can be replenished along the way (they appear in mid- air and you have to leap up and grab them). There are also special talismans which boost your power and these can be picked up in level two.

You start with three lives and a life is lost when your energy meter hits zero. The ordinary enemies decrease your eneray on contact with you and on reaching the end of a round you have to defeat a biggy opponent (Sega games have the uncanny knack of having a brute of an enemy at the end of each level). If you beat him a bonus is awarded based on time and energy left.

There are some nice touches with jumping off walls and pillars, the ability to change direction in mid-air and doing painful looking squats (rather im than me!). The graphics are colourful and detailed and the tune keeps the action zipping along.


Tony Takoushi

CVG magazine

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