Hurrah! It’s finally out on video and — hurrah! — it’s out on the Master System and Game Gear, as well. No, not Confessions of a Window Cleaner, we’re referring to Walt Disney’s classic cartoon film.

There can’t be anyone who hasn’t heard of the classic Jungle Book, whether it’s the animated Walt Disney film or the book by Rudyard Kipling. The story is of Mowgli, a defenceless lad who loses his parents and home village amid the terrifying jungle that becomes his home.

On his travels through the thick forest in search of food and his family, Mowgli befriends a few animal friends that help him on his way. There’s Baloo the bear, a friendly chap and a useful friend to have in the jungle, a dawn patrol of elephants and many others.

Rumbles in the jungle

The object of the game is to guide young Mowgli through 12 hair-raising levels that take place in and around the scary jungle, Mowgli’s equipped with endless bananas to throw at enemies.

To make his bananas fire faster, he only has to collect the correct icon from the bushes. Other handy items include a boomerang — very effective for ridding Mowgli of those nasty jungle animals — health power-ups, continues (you start with none), limited invincibility shields and extra lives.

Mowgli comes up against some tough animals. As well as numerous monkeys, there are wild boars, parrots, crocodiles, hippos and end-of-level bosses such as King Louie (the large rock-throwing orangutan) and a huge boa constrictor.

If a level’s completed within a certain time Mowgli goes on to the Dawn Patrol bonus stage, in which he can collect extra lives, points and continues.

Rob burps... ‘Hmm, bananas!’

It’s certainly nice to see a fresh new face — or rather faces — on the Master System, especially when they’re from one of my favourite Disney films. The Jungle Book is a lovely film that shows the so-called epics of today a thing or two. Playing the cart brought back memories, with all the cool animal characters making an appearance.

Oh, I think I might just stop for a while to weep... Boo, hoo... sniff, sniff... I’m sorry. The Jungle Book’s a wonderfully animated platform romp through various levels full of vegetation and menacing monkeys. One of the most exceptional things is the faithful representation of the characters — the way they move is just so cool.

Although it’s a platform game, The Jungle Book certainly isn’t boring. The dramatic change in backdrops certainly isn’t going to make you yawn.

The graphics are crisp, well detailed and colourful, and you’ll recognise many of the old tunes that immediately set your feet a-tappin’. All the hits are here, everything from Bare Necessities to The King of the Swingers.

The Jungle Book may not have up-to-the-minute originality, but it’s a must for anyone who owns a Master System.

ROB 92%

Nick raves... ‘Buy it!’

There isn’t much I can say about this new Virgin cart that Rob hasn’t already mentioned. Just go out right now and buy it — or at least put it on your list for Santa!

All the visuals, music, animation and levels are simply excellent. You’ll recognise all the characters from the Disney movie and will want to watch the video, too (lucky it’s come out for Christmas!).

Virgin always do an excellent job with their Game Gear and Master System games. The company that brought you classics like Global Gladiators and Cool Spot have hit the jackpot again — this is going to be big!

Watch out, Sonic and Tails, Mowgli and Baloo are here to give you a run for your money!

NICK 95%

MF Rating



A perfect game to complement the video. If you don’t get both you need your head examined!

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Sega Force Mega - Issue 7

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