Domark's 007 adventure leaves you shaken but not stirred. You take die role of the world's most famous secret agent, James Bond, and battle through bad guys and obstacles galore.

A dastardly plot's been hatched by one of Bond's most feared foes. Professor Greypen (what do you mean, ‘never heard of him’?!). On an artificial island somewhere in the South Pacific, Greypen's preparing to launch an armed shuttle into space. When in position, its laser will be able to destroy any target.

First on a fuel tanker, shoot armed guards and collect the ammo they drop. Shin up and down ladders as you search for hostages and equipment to blow the ship out of the water. But watch out for Jaws, he's BIG trouble.

Congratulations are in order the MS's visuals are equal to those of the MD original and gameplay's better. Graphics are sharp and colourful, a lifelike Bond ducking, leaping and firing.

The gameplay's fast, furious and challenging. Although there are only four levels, each is split into three stages, and progressively tougher tasks give long-lasting appeal.

The controls run smoothly but you can't fire diagonally. This makes you a sitting duck at times; at best, you can hop underneath and fire a killing shot before the bad guy blasts you.

Our only other quibble's over the basic sounds, but generally James Bond’s a great platformer.

Sega Master Force magazine
Sega Master Force - Issue 2

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