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Reviews: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game / Indiana Jones e a Última Cruzada - review by Raze magazine



With his hat, whip and kinky boots(?), Julian Boardman follows in the illustrious footsteps of history's most famous adventurer

Despite being nearly 50 years old, Harrison Ford just keeps on banging away at defeating the Nazis as Steven Spielberg lives out his Jewish revenge fantasies. This one, being the third in the series, sees Indy trying to find the Holy Grail before the Nazi's get to it. All he has to help him are his father's sketchy notes, jotted down on a pad that was posted to him from his father in Italy. From this he must overcome untold mysteries and dangers to find what is possibly the most sacred and most powerful item in the Christian world.

The game itself is based around various scenarios from the box-office hit of late 1989, and as such is a direct conversion of US Gold's best-selling game which also appeared at that time.

The first scenario sees Indy, the boy scout (played in the film by River Phoenix), searching a network of caverns, caves and chasms to reach the Cross of Coronado. The ancient artefact has been stolen by treasure looters, who aim to use it for their own gain. Little Indy must first find the whip, and then fight his way past thugs and put the cross in a museum where it belongs.

Having collected the cross, Indy has to escape along a circus train only to discover his phobia of snakes as he falls into a case of the scaly creatures. Unfortunately, Indy loses out to his pursuers this time, but that's the way ot the film, so its on to level two. (People who've seen the film will know that Indy gets the Cross of Coronado back many years later.)

And so to Castle Brunwald, to track down the other half of the shield of the Knights Templar, which gives clues as to the whereabouts of the Grail and news of where his father is held - except he doesn't chase after old Sean Connery because he has no part in the game.

Then Indy finds himself on a zeppelin dodging Nazis, rats and lightning as he searches for the escape plane that will help him reach the Holy Grail.

But it's not over yet. Even though our Indy knows where the Grail is, it's not that easy getting to it. There are disappearing tiles, invisible bridges and the plethora of Grail-like cups to confuse and confront the greatest adventurer of our time.


✔ Nice digitised title screen and in-game graphics.

✔ Good use of colour and tremendous animation.


✘ Good title tune that gets irritating very quickly.

✔ In-game sound effects are jolly and enhace gameplay.


✘ Loses it's long term appeal because tasks are so repetitive.

£29.99 ▼ out 12/90


Raze magazine

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