Jools, RAZE's own heavyweight champ, refused to be the butt of any more weight jokes, so it was left to the super light featherweight Les Ellis to slug it out with Buster Douglas

Boxers are a strange breed. What sane person would jump into a ring knowing that they're going to get their brain pulped? But fame and glory does bring immense fortunes, even if they lose (remember Bruno?). In fact losing is becoming something of a British art, with Gary Mason and Nigel Benn following in Frank's large footsteps and gaining recognition from classic defeats. But you must take your hat off to lovable Frank - I mean, who else could turn from boxing brute into pantomime fairy? Boxers, eh, a law unto themselves.

In the latest game to bash its way onto the Sega, you guide a young fighter called "Stingin'" Steve Davis from gutter street fights to a world championship fight. Five boxers stand between you and the heavyweight crown (see Kings of the Ring). One of this motley crew can be played by a "friend", although they are all normally controlled via computer.

The ring is viewed side-on. with both boxers coming out of their respective corners to start the bout. Everything is pretty much as standard boxing - punch, punch, block, punch - until out of the blue you get hit by an indefensible punch that sends you reeling across the ring and smashing into the ropes. I forgot to mention that every boxer comes equipped with three of his own "special" punches. The only way to avoid one of these smashers is to dodge and duck your way around it. Luckily, you'll see the computer's power meter build up when he's going for one, so you are usually prepared for it.

Easy to get into, with a two-player option as well, Heavyweight Champ weighs in at £25. Can you overcome the odds and become World Champ?


"Gritty" Bob Santana - the easiest of the lot; hit him hard and fast and he won't last long.

Tom "Bulldog" White - strong and fast, favours body punches; use combinations to beat him.

Mike "Spunky" Williams - moves fast, doesn't hit too hard and can take a tot of punishment.

Robert "The Crusher" Bernard - has the power of three normal boxers, but is vulnerable to body punches.

Keith "The Man" Gibson - undefeated champion, excels in all areas.



✔ Atmospheric little characters ringside.

✔ Watch and cringe as the puncfes land.


✘ No music to speak of.

✘ Ditto with spot effects.


✘ Only FIVE opponents!

✔ Dead easy to pick up and play.

SEGA 65%

£24.99 • OUT NOW

Raze magazine

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