He’s fat, round, he bounces on the ground! No, not PAUL MELLERICK, George Foreman!

Way back in SEGA FORCE’S infancy (Issue 3, to be precise), I Advance Played Heavyweight Champ, and boy was it naff! The graphics were nice but the game was sluggish and the computer boxer predictable.

Since then, Flying Edge have picked it up, renamed it, and who knows, they may have changed it somewhat. Let’s see, shall we?

The simple idea is to beat all your opponents and become the undisputed Heavy Champion of the Universe. May sound easy, and George might be a hamburger-munching, super-punching son-of-a-gun, but the opposition isn’t going to go down without a fight (ho ho).

The control system’s simplicity itself and thankfully you can easily put together some body-crunching combinations. Using button [1] as your left jab and [2] as your right, in conjunction with the control pad you can block, uppercut, sway, duck and body blow. Everything a boxer needs, except a knockout punch.

Speaking of which...

Well actually there is one: the amazing Foreman Superpunch will level your opponent — if used correctly. Press and hold both buttons and a red gauge lights up. When it reaches the top, your gloves flash and you can let out your punch, taking great pleasure in seeing your colleague fly across the ring into the ropes. OOF!

You start as an inexperienced, wimpy Mr Foreman, but after you win a tight you’re awarded points. If you knockout your opponent you get four points, three points for a TKO (floored three times in one round) and two for a points win.

These points are used to increase your ability in three areas, Power, Reach and Footwork. Each is rated from zero to five, so if you earn and spend 15 points, you’ll be tops all round (ho ho).

Which is when the two-player game’s most fun ‘cos you can beat seven shades of shampoo out of your mates!

Burger time

Now here’s the bad news. Heavyweight Champ hasn’t been changed a great deal. There are some graphical changes, such as the intermission where George munches on a hamburger (?!), and your opponent’s names are different, but otherwise the game’s the same.

The controls, despite being simple, don’t work well and the Superpunch’s very dodgy to get right. If you’re against someone with a longer reach he’ll snuff out your punch before you can use it.

The ‘secret’ to success is to outbeat your opponent in each area, otherwise defeat’s inevitable. There’s very little skill or strategy and lastability’s very low indeed. Sorry game-freaks, this one hits way below the belt and should be disqualified.


I recognise a good sports game when I see one. Sadly this isn’t one. The controls are too slow and the opponents too tough. I got bored after about 30 seconds. The two-player game looks like a hoot, as you’d be evenly -matched, but that’s about It.


Flying Edge
1 or 2

SF Rating

83% - Two-player option, good scoring
81% - Nice big sprites, the rest’s a bit off
45% - Nothing music but okay FX
66% - Well designed, simple controls
40% - Two-player game’s good, but…


A poor boxing sim, too easy to master.

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 08

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