The Nineteenth Hole is a Cartridge Slot for Sega

With the Summer golf season getting into full swing Sega have upgraded their basic golf offering for the Master System. The move is in keeping with other console manufacturers who are striving to create software choices that will appeal to older gamers. I don't know about the statiscal justification that the marketeers of Sega have for launching Golf-mania but it certainly is a most welcome addition to the catalogue from the gamers point of view - however long or short in the tooth. Its strength lies in its abundance of options and straightforward yet effective game play. A bit like golf itself.

The animated arcade part of the game is a simple hole-by-hole excercise involving moving a cursor with the joy pad in the direction of the hole, pressing the 'that'll do button' when an animated shot strength needle reaches the degree of 'whack' that you are happy with. Nothing could be simpler. The tricky bit is in judging just the right direction for the flight of the ball, making sure you use the right club, keeping an eye on wind speed, trajectory, and getting the distance right. The leader board flashes up at the end of each hole telling you how you faired against your opponent - whether friend or Master System.

Other neat touches are the Caddy advice option. You don't need to take it of course - you are the pro after all. But then again how many times has he seen the same mistake made time over on this very same hole?

But by far the best of all the game embellishments is the save game option. Saving your position takes seconds - as does beginning again at the exact hole you left off. Just switch on your Sega and plug in your cartridge. Neat to a treat - and dead useful when you have eighteen tough holes to play, against thirty of the worlds best pro's in the U S Masters.

An excellent round of computer golf.

Eugene Lacey

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Predicted Interest Curve

Lasting appeal is guaranteed. You are always going to fancy a round of golf from time to time and Golfmania has so many options and skill levels built in that it will always provide you with a challenging game. Equal to many of the 16-bit golf offerings currently available.

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