The evil Death Adder has returned - but this time he's so mean, bad, and deadly that he's changed his name to Black Adder! And he's got a cunning plan (courtesy of Baldrick and Percy, no doubt) and has robbed the kingdom of the nine jewels of power! He's also deposed the good King Firewood (???) into the bargain.

As a true warrior and long-time admirer of King Firewood, you aren't particularly impressed by Death Adder's murderous antics and evil mayhem. You've seen how control of the nine crystals has mercilessly repressed the kingdom, and you don't like it. So what you going to do about it? Why, you're going to pick up your sword and shield and do something about it - just like in Golden Axe.

Well, actually you're not - because Golden Axe Warrior is in fact an RPG - nothing at all like the brill conversion of the Golden Axe coin-op! This means you've got go around the flip-screen landscape duffing up monsters, picking up items, conversing with people, carrying out mini-quests and the like.

Shops are visited during your quest, and here you buy goods with the local currency - horns (a pocketful of change must indeed be a sight to behold!). Extra wea- pons, magic spells, and special items are all to un- covered in this game Up against the evil might of Death Adder - vou'll certainly need them.


So, you're expecting a beat 'em up sequel to Golden Axe (particularly with the suitably hard "Warrior" suffix added to the title). Well, you're not going to get it here! Golden Axe Warrior is in fact, an incredibly dull RPG that has all the entertainment value of a 24-hour German opera. The character interaction is simply a case of walking into people and listening to their mind-numbingly inane line of conversation, and the exciting combat action comes down to a collection of small, malformed sprites cluttering up a banal play area. The backdrops are extremely blocky and the sprites suffer from a graphical version of rigor mortis. The sound isn't bad - the tunes are sometimes reminiscent of the coin-op original in their style. Admittedly, you are getting a big adventure here for your money (with battery back up save options) - but as the saying goes: "size isn't everything" and with the extreme lack of riveting action you'll get bored with this very quickly indeed. Don't even consider purchase if you value money like ordinary people do.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Golden Axe coin-op conversion. It's a dull RPG.

CVG magazine "Complete Guide to Sega"

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