Sitting in McDonalds one day, American chums Mick and Mack dreamt of being their heroes, the goody-goody Global Gladiators. Ronald McD popped up, waved his magic wand (or something)... and they were!

As the ecologically-minded Global Gladiators, Mick and Mack use goo-guns to oust slimeballs, trashcans, fire demons and ice creatures from four levels of three sections (though how goo can help Mother Earth is a mystery).

McDonalds' 'M' symbols must be collected before the chosen Gladiator can exit the section: find ten extra Ms for a bonus stage. Three types of rubbish — paper, bottles and cans — are sorted into bins as they float groundward.

When Global Gladiators was released on Mega Drive, we loved the graphics, sound and gameplay, but there was little challenge. The people at Virgin put their heads together and came up with the revised, super-challenging MS version!

Visually, it's brilliant. All the sprites are well animated and backdrops are highly colourful. Although gameplay's McTricky at best (the lack of continues doesn't help), it's very entertaining and addictive.

If you like challenging games you'd be a fool to miss Global Gladiators, but if you like the easy life, steer clear.

Sega Master Force magazine
Sega Master Force - Issue 2

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