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Reviews: (Mick & Mack As The) Global Gladiators - review by Sega Force magazine

Time to go global! Mick and Mack cram themselves into 8-bits, attempt to save the planet and fathom out why three-quarters of the world's population never eat the dill pickle in their Big Mac!

By the startled looks on Mick and Mack’s faces, you’d think Nick Cotton had just popped up from under the table! The fact that it’s Ronald McDonald shouldn’t come as any surprise — it is his restaurant, after all, and he can do what he pleases in it. Even if that means carrying out a spot of wizardry-pokery to zap the two young un’s into another world (birrova plug for another Virgin game, there!).

So, what’s going on? Well, Mick and Mack and great followers of the comic-book heroes, The Global Gladiators. And like their idols, they want to see the world put to right. No more thinning ozone layer, no more toxins, no more pollutants — no more 'Last of the Summer Wine.

If Jim could fix it for ‘em, they’d ask him to arrange a meeting with the Global Gladiators. But old Ronny McD goes one better: he turns the pair into The Global Gladiators!


[Directional pad]
Controls the direction Mick or Mack head in. Can also be used to scroll the screen up or down and fire goo above or below.
Activates The Global Gladiators’ goo guns. Fire a short burst or keep pressing (or multiple attacks. Goo can be directed using the D-pad.
Mick and Mack are two fit kids! Use this to make them leap through the air. Hold down button [2] for a longer jump.

Glad he ate her!

Call up the option screen and choose whether to play Mick or Mack. Kitted-out with a goo gun and a pair of incredibly bouncy training shoes, you’re ready to take on slimeballs, mutant fish, birds, beavers, trashcans, fire demons and a plethora of ice creatures and transparent tyrants!

It follows the same format as the Mega Drive outing (94%, Issue 15). Level 1 is Slimeworld. Bounce onto ledges and platforms, make your way skyward on air pockets and leap across huge ravines collecting McDonalds ‘M’ symbols.

There’s a set task for each stage. You’re requested to collect a certain number of Ms, find Ronald and make your escape! Grab at least ten more symbols and you enter the bonus world.

Move your character left or right and catch the falling garbage. There’s three kinds of rubbish: paper, bottles and cans. Each has to go in the correct bin. With that to think about, you must dodge the falling anvils, or the stuffing’s knocked outta ya! The bonus section ends when a piece of rubbish falls on the ground.

That done, it’s time to move onto Act 2 of Slimeworld. Progress through the Forest, Toxitown and the Arctic Wastes, goo gun doing overtime!

En route, don’t forget to grab the hearts which appear from time to time. In the status area, your character’s face depicts life force. The face changes colour each time you’re hit. When your mush starts to flash, you know it’s time to grab extra energy — if you don’t, your Gladiator soon kicks up his heels!

Oh, almost forgot! There’s a time limit for each stage, too. If seconds are running drastically low, keep your eyes open for an alarm clock. Walk over it and valuable seconds are yours!

That’s the story so far, folks! Time to find out whether Virgin’s latest 8-bit offering is game-freak friendly. Take it away, Deadheads!


The timer is constantly running down so collect this item to boost it bock up. Lose time and lose a life!
Provides valuable extra energy to the titanic twins. Puts power back up to full again if you’ve been hit.
Found in the first three levels. To leap higher, jump on these and press down for a mega bounce.
These are invaluable. There aren’t many of these in the game so search each level thouroughly.
Make it to the end of a level and find old Ronnie himself. Make sure you’ve collected enough M’s.

Mat gasps... ‘TOUGH GAME’

The main complaint I have with MD Global Gladiators is it’s just too easy. With the MS version, the programmers have realised their mistake and produced one tough cookie of a game!

Visually, Global Gladiators is superb. All sprites are extremely well animated and colourful. The MS manages to surprise you with its cool graphics, particularly when Mick and Mack chew gum or get hit by slime. Awesome!

The main point to mention is the difficulty level’s been altered considerably and it’ll take a lot longer to complete. With four levels and three sections to get through, you might think it’d be over before it’s begun. Think again! For a start, the lack of continues is a real pain, especially if you’re far into a level.

On a lighter note, folks, the bonus level is easier and gives you a chance to stock up on much-needed lives and energy.

It’s a shame the MD version wasn’t tweaked a bit ‘cos it would’ve been an absolute blinder. As it is, MS Global Gladiators is a great challenge that should test the skills of even the toughest gamesplayer!

MAT 86%


If Virgin continue to release such high quality products, they’ll certainly give Sega a run for their money! MS Global Gladiators is well smart! Obviously it doesn’t have the visual pizazz of the 16-bit version, but for an MS, the graphics are extremely competent.

The two dudes still have loads of animation frames and are well drawn. The backdrops are a little bland in places but foregrounds make up for them — colourful platforms, ledges et al.

The once thing that’s most noticeable about the 8-bit version is Its difficulty level. The 8-bit boys don’t move around as quickly as their MD counterparts, so timing jumps etc. takes a lot more practice. The adversaries seem tougher, too, and the lack of continues make life harder!

The front end has a nice opening sequence but there aren’t many options. Choose your kid and fiddle with the sound. While I’m on the subject, the tunes are pretty funky for a humble MS. Good soundtracks on each level and plenty of spot FX.

Those looking for a quality platform outing can’t go wrong with Global Gladiators. It’s fun, looks good, it’s tough — but not overly tough — and is incredibly playable. Nice one, guys!

ADE 85%


Catch these fragile objects and deposit them in the proper bin to receive valuable bonus points.
Recyclable aluminium is always worth collecting so make sure you pick up as many as possible.
These little bundles have to be thrown in the far-right bin. Collect enough and get extra points.

SF Rating

69 - Good intro sequence, choice of charactersf tew options, no continues
87 - Great MS sprites, well animated. Fairly good backdrops. Slick scrolling, nice effects
84 - Smart theme tunes for each level. Good Intro tune and loads of spot FX!
83 - Instantly playable. Characters move around well but jumps take a bit of getting used to
85 - A touch tougher than the Mega Drive game. Enough levels for an MS title


A smart 8-bit conversion. Looks good and loads of fun to play

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 17

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