Sassy Joe Ninja’s back on the streets! We SEGA FORCE deadheads weren’t even looking for trouble an’ we got our asses whupped! Be warned!

Shinobi 2: The Silent Fury takes ya straight back into the original ninja magic with Joe Mushashi out for revenge on a rescue mission to hell!

Play through four very different levels in any order and find the coloured crystals as you go. At the end of each level you rescue one of your ninja buddies, to boot.

Each with their own very special skills, choose which ninja you use for each level carefully. Those end-of-level nasties are damned tough so pick the magic to suit the purpose.

You can’t get to the fifth and final confrontation without the crystals, but don’t worry if ya missed them first time around. Once you’ve got your chums out of their fixes, use their powers to rescout the four levels and set yourself up for some classic oriental artistry on the final round.

Featuring all the strong points of the original, the gameplay’s been tweaked to make success even tougher. But use your magic wisely and those world peace-threatening monkeys are in trouble! -

Go to it, Joe!


Shinobi was the very first game I bought for my Game Gear. This was back In the days when GG games were few and far between. The original was a real toughie and Shinobi 2’s actually a lot harder!

The basic idea’s the same. You, as Joe the Ninja, have to rescue your trapped brothers and defeat your enemies. However, this time you also have to collect crystals from various locations.

Most of the levels are the same as the first game but now there are some real ugly muthas to defeat. At the end of every section you tackle guardians that’ll have you for breakfast!

All the sprites look the same and the feeling of the original has been retained. You can still choose between ninjas (once they’ve been rescued) and use their particular skills.

ShinobI 2’s not bad. As a sequel, it works because the theme remains the same but the gameplay’s tougher. Check it out if you want a real challenge or a great platform game!

MAT 82%

Chris curses... ‘FLICKIN’ TOUGH NASTIES!’

I’ve gotta admit that I loved the original Shinobi blast so I was a little worried the sequel wouldn’t live up to it. No sweat! The Silent Fury’s got all the guts of the original and a whole lot more besides. Getting through the four initial levels seems easy at first but just have a go at those end-of-level guardians — tough or wot?!

Converted smartly onto the small screen, Shinobi 2 looks and plays a treat. The in-game ditty’s a bit hashed but there are a few sound spot FX. Who cares? Gameplay’s what it’s all about and here Shinobi 2 excels!

If you’re into ninja blasts or platform outings, grab this one immediately. Those flickin’ tough nasties provide one helluva challenge!


SF Rating

87% - Smart intro and clear cursor offering choice of first lour attack levels
84% - No problems with sprite animation or backdrops but jumps are a touch jerky
78% - In-game ditties are a little mushy but there some atmospheric spot FX
79% - Levels are easy enough but the guardians are a nightmare. Balance is a little out
86% - Despite the frustrating guardians, the gameplay’s enough to keep you coming back


A smart ninja platform outing — don’t be put off by the guardians!

Sega Force magazine
Sega Force - Issue 13

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